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Dance Party Ending

2019-04-24, 10:29 p.m.

It’s been a very nice day. I got home at 12:30 and planned to sleep in, but didn’t really sleep much (too hyper, I think). I did manage to get myself dressed and dragged out by 10 a.m. to take a nice hike around the greenbelt to get my 10000 steps in before it got too hot. It’s 90 degrees here today! Usually my birthday is around like, 72 and partly cloudy.

I attempted to watch an online work seminar/class thing about asserting yourself at noon, but it kind of sucked--a lot of dead air, etc. Dawn took the afternoon off from work and came over and watched it, but we were both bored. I had mentioned that I’d considered going to the movies but watching this seminar thing + rehearsal time kind of ruled that out and she was all “yeah, you should have gone to the movies.” But we went out to lunch together (Hawaiian food) and she gave me unicorn-themed gifts such as an ornament, charm, rainbow-y scissors and a bracelet that says “Undercover Unicorn.”

I also opened my other gifts today--I got a T-shirt that said “I Read And I Know Things” that I’d been eyeing and rainbow sneakers from Mom, mermaid-themed makeup-y products from Jackie that I hadn’t opened yet, and a $50 Amazon gift card from Mike and Jess, how sweet!

I also went out for Chinese food, bought cake to bring to rehearsal, and went to the dollar store to buy cheap whistles to pass on to the director. The director seemed to appreciate this or at least had had the idea herself--coincidentally That70sScott did not show up tonight, as did a lot of other people. So instead we worked on learning dances for the show and I ended up teaching the Macarena (more of a refresher for all on that one), making lists of what songs to play at the wedding, and then doing improv scenes with other people for fun. Since That70sScott was out, I ended up doing one with Father Mark in which I asked him if he had any kind of plan for dealing with, say, a possibly interrupting ex-boyfriend of the bride. The bridesmaids critiqued Tina’s dress. The brothers said they’d do the opposite of their dad.

We rehearsed the Macarena, the Mexican Hat Dance, and Hava Negila. Dominic and Donna have to do the Lambada--it’s in the script--and their actors are unthrilled and keep saying they have two left feet. We also discussed other songs to add to the playlist. Linda also had us read aloud tongue twisters that mentioned a lot of slitted sheets, which sounded really dirty, and then we had to discuss how all the couples met each other.


Actual humans:
“No, I don’t want to do the Hokey Pokey. It’s too hokey.” -Linda.
“In Your Eyes” is my masturbation song.” -Laurel

“Sexism in the Catholic Church, what a surprise.” -Dominic
“I broke up with her for two minutes today.” -Dom about Donna.
“You worked your magic with Tina.” -Mrs. V to Michael, clearly not having any idea that they were more than just student and guidance counselor. Also, “let’s just surprise her!”
Father Mark/Jesse and I came up with the portmanteau name for Tony n’ Tina’s kid: “Tri-Tony.”
After Sister Albert Maria mentioned leaving on a midnight train (and how she forgot to tell anyone she was doing it), Dominic said what I was thinking: “It wasn’t to Georgia, was it?”
“I think I’m in the wrong place. My name is Manny, and I’m an alcoholic...”
“By the time I got to high school biology I knew all that stuff.” -Tony on a stripper coming to his fifth birthday party.
Connie to Barry about telling how they met: “Tell the story and I’ll fit it.” Also, “where’d we go after? “fuck if I know?”

I have mentioned before that Sierra (who plays the nun) reminds me of a Disney Princess. First off I find out she was in The Little Mermaid, tonight she has on a Beauty and the Beast shirt.

We rehearsed the Tina and Connie fight, which is very loud. Fun, but I dunno how well anyone’s going to hear it.

We found out that Absolut bottles are HUGE at Costco.

And then we ended with a big ol’ dance party ending to “Uptown Funk.”

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