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10 Years

2012-04-25, 10:03 p.m.

So yesterday was my birthday. It was pretty quiet. I actually made cupcakes for people at work (note: I never, ever do this stuff, I only can suck it up to do potluck at the CC once a week because I have to), went out for Chinese, and wen to some classes. My drawing class that night was interesting. It's "experimental drawing," which seems to boil down to the teacher busting out different methods of stuff. Tonight she had black paper and handed us white charcoal (such a thing exists!?) and pinecones and said to draw them in various ways. I did a darned good job. I can draw things very well as long as I'm copying from reality rather than attempting to make it up in my head. I don't draw too often because I wish I could draw pictures made up out of my head well, but...oh well. Anyway, my pinecones came out very well, Mom now wants them for birthday/Mother's Day gifts--she loves pinecones--so that worked out. It was quiet but nice.

I got an extra birthday surprise in addition to cake at work this morning, though: hey, you hit your 10 year anniversary of working here! I got a pin, card, certificate, and $100 gift card!
I ... really wasn't expecting it, actually. Technically I started working here 10 years ago in February, but that was in a temp position, which was laid off in June, and then I got re-hired permanently in mid-August. According to various online records that I have checked, that's my official hire date. So I figured I'd be waiting a lot more months for the 10-year-bonus-y stuff to kick in. Well, apparently 3 days more vacation time won't kick in until August (ergh), but other than that...*shrug* Go figure. I'm pondering using the gift card to buy theater tickets. (Later addition: did that. Bought a ton of 'em.)

I wish I could announce (hah, announce, like that means anything coming from me, right?) that I have reconnected to my goals, that I am going to try harder and get a clue and Make Some Shit Happen or something. Instead of still being all "fuck if I know." I had a conversation with Jackie about having her cousin help me get a car on Monday, and it sounds like I'd have to immediately decide to buy the car NOW if they find me one-- "they're going so fast!" And of course, it is a problem that I am pretty busy right now and can't just run into Sac to buy a car. And Jackie got on me to go to a used car dealership or rent a car place to drive the models she has deemed worthy. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to go to a used car dealership for anything--I react super badly to being SOLD TO and I honestly don't know how I would deal with being the person they are deliberately pushing to do the stupid, expensive thing when I have no clue and they KNOW I have no clue. So, no thanks there. I looked into the rental places in town, but they're all on the far side of town, only open between 8-5 on weekdays, crap like that meaning that I probably can't get over there/back home without help/using time off. Ugh. I hate this whole thing, really.

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