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Belated Birthday Entry

2005-04-26, 2:58 p.m.

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My birthday was pretty dang quiet, surprisingly.

Since there was an eclipse on my birthday this year (you'll want to read that link, btw, because it'll explain developments here later), I figured, hey, when is THIS going to ever happen again? I might as well watch it. (As it turned out later, maybe that last bit isn't true. Hm.) So I stayed up until 3 a.m., only to see a lot of cloud cover drifting across the moon that LOOKED like the expected moon shadow, but wasn't. Then I didn't sleep the rest of the night. So maybe the raging sleep deficit I've got going on didn't make it all that worth it. Oh well, at least I found some good pictures online, since my photographs were crap.

I hit my goal weight today...for a few hours, anyway. I wandered in to use the scale Sunday morning and voila, it was either 125 or even 124. I was quite pleased. Alas, I went in in the afternoon after eating and dressed in regular clothes to gloat over the scale again and I was back to 127. What the hell?

I am starting to wonder if I'm suddenly over my annoying cough-till-ya-puke allergy. Usually if I so much as skip a day at the gym, even on drugs, I start getting all choked up again, and between this weekend and my volunteer night being on Thursdays, I skipped four in a row. And adding to the potential for fun, I forgot to take my drugs on Saturday because I didn't get dressed until around 8 p.m. (hell, if I wasn't going to get to leave the house, why bother?). And yet, on Sunday, I was FINE. And Monday, I was still fine, albeit I really wanted to make sure I got to the gym and got some cardio in Just In Case. I went back on the decongestant drugs Tuesday morning because I kept having to blow my nose and I was feeling paranoid, but I've skipped the inhaler ford days and I'm still okay. Go figure. I hope I can stay off the sucker- it's kind of disturbing to have to huff steroids every day when my lungs are supposedly healthy, you know?

Didn't do an enormous lot all day, really. I did some errand shopping, getting a new camera battery and picking up a few craft items. Mom dragged me into a clothing store at one point and said, "Just pick out your birthday presents now," since it was around 1 p.m. and it seemed pretty likely at that point that the plans for my birthday (go shopping in Tracy and then out to fancy dinner) were going to go to hell already. The saleschicks were totally weirded out by me trying on a lot of clothes, somehow. I don't know why, since they did have a sale going on, but they certainly were acting funny. Finally Mom had to explain what we were doing. (And honestly? I got a few skirts and two tops. It wasn't a big haul here. Actually, for Mom going to that particular store, it was like picking up a pack of Q-tips at a drugstore. She stocks up at that place for herself like you wouldn't believe.) I also got my sunglasses, which are cool, though not as dark as I'd imagined. Bummer. They're very pink. Heck, even my clip-ons are pink. I ended up getting a sunglasses-holder for them too- purple with flowers, and it looks like a mini-purse.

After that, we picked up Wendy's food and free Frosty's, went home, ate them, and then....passed out. Hence why no dinner out and me not getting home until eleven that night.

This week has been quite pleasant at work. In the last few days I've gotten roses (Staff Appreciation Day), cake (birthday- big yay since I didn't get any for the actual day), and my group all got taken out to lunch by my boss (birthday + temp getting new job). Yay!

I found this the other day and thought it was rather descriptive:

"Last week's lunar eclipse and full moon in Scorpio may have created some explosions in our lives, but this was a healthy time for purging. Sometimes, ya gotta bust a few heads to get things done. So if you found yourself blowing your cool and letting someone know what you were REALLY feeling, this was a good thing. Around the full moon, we all have the urge to get some things off our chest. It's just nature taking its course. Afterwards, it's best to calmly pick up the pieces, sweep up the broken bits, shake off those intense energies and move on.
This week we should be coasting along on relatively calm energies as the sun and Venus continue to provide grounding and stability in the sign of Taurus. There will be less of a feeling of foreboding and more optimism floating around. The Scorpio full moon and eclipse last week generated a bit of a lurking sense of doom, which is now dissipating. So if you've been going crazy from hearing the theme from Jaws playing in your head (DA-dum.....DA-dum.....DA-dum DA-dum DA-dum DA-dum AARRRGH!) that should be fading away."

I find the second paragraph especially funny, considering that I totally felt the DOOM!!!! thing going on all month. As Yuhri pointed out, it seems like everyone's having a rough month. Dang eclipses. I take it October's supposed to be similarly zooey for the same reason.

Anyway, this is leading up to me pointing out a new feature on ye olde sidebar: the Eclipse Birthday Year Chaos-O-Meter. As you'll note from the quote cited there, if an eclipse happens on your birthday, it's supposed to mean your ENTIRE DAMN YEAR is zooey, instead of just around eclipse time like usual. (Gee, nothing like having an eclipse zooey year, then three years of Saturn Return. Who wants to take bets on how long it'll take me to get taken away by the nice young men in the clean white coats?) And since as the title of this journal indicates, I seem to attract bizarre, dramatic, weird, or just plain crazy events, theoretically this should mean that either I have a year like usual, or it's even worse than usual. Kill me now.

I was discussing this on an astrology board with a girl whose birthday is the day before mine, and she said to let them know if this "your entire year should be filled with drastic change" thing actually happens. So I thought it'd be a good idea to specifically keep track of the bizarre crap that happens to me this year on the sidebar, for easy-to-find comparison's sake. It'll be interesting to see how it comes out, won't it?

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