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2006-04-27, 11:05 a.m.

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Well, the first new family health disaster of the new birthday era has happened. Gee, it's been MONTHS, what took God so long? I had "nothing yet" on the sidebar for a good few DAYS...

The PITAS had just arrived in Montana to start taking care of the stuff to do with Grandma's house, when Uncle Bruce (who has a bad heart, but hasn't had anything acting up with it in years) started having some kind of tachycardia thing going on. So now he's in the hospital for who knows long...and the hospital is four hours away and they had to fly him out. Auntie Dolores is now stranded in Missoula without a car or clothes or anything...and she's another one of those "People must take care of me!" folks to boot. (Though oddly enough, Uncle Bruce is feeling well enough to chat on the phone while having an EKG done. Mom told him not to pinch the nurses.)

Mom was grumbling that "now nobody's going to take care of the house" and was debating flying out there. I told her not to bother- she has an excuse not to and it's not like they'd fly out for her, would they? I think my cousin Tammy's going to get stuck with that one anyway.

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