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Now It's A Policy Issue

2019-04-26, 5:18 p.m.

Slightly different day at work today. Since a bunch of my coworkers are out, I am trying to do their workload and I came across a “please fix this, it’s been wrong since the 80’s” request. Grrr, argh. Someone else put that on there somewhere and it isn’t anything we do at all and I don’t know how they did it in the first place, so I asked that department and they were all “we don’t know, this is too old, we can’t fix it.” I really just wanted to write the complainant back and say “too bad, nobody knows how this was wrong in 1979,” but lord knows she won’t stop complaining about it because nobody ever does, and I’ll get in trouble again for not helping even though I have no idea and apparently no one else does either.

So I decided to try asking the second-in-command because maybe she knew of some secret computer thing that would fix it (she seems to know of things we’ve all never heard of). This instead turned into (a) a “walking meeting” because she wants to do more of those, (b) running into a dude who ah, probably has a thing for me and that got awkward, but she fended him off, thank god, (c) more of a “policy” debate sort of thing along the lines of “should this stuff even BE on here?” Which I totally say it should not, but it’s never up to me.

Anyway, ironically, I brought her back to my desk to show her this stuff and then I uh....figured out how to fix it because the info wa put in into something I do have access to. Except now I can’t fix it because this has to be a whole policy debate now. Oooookay then. I passed the 2IC’s info off to the complainant and let them figure it out.

As for the evening, Dawn and I went to the storytelling event in Sacramento, which was mostly poetry. I didn’t get to really writing anything down since I ended up filming half of it (not well) for Robin. Apparently he has come down with cancer and had surgery last week, but has been feeling plucky enough to want to come tonight and go grocery shopping and things like that. Oy. Poor guy. Mary also asked me if I could come to the post-class party they are having next Friday, but given how my work day went, I wasn’t able to ask my boss so who knows there.

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