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Birthday Weekend

2003-04-27, 8:50 p.m.

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Birthday Weekend - 2018-04-23

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Birthday Weekend went very schmoopily and luverly, thank you. Big on the mushy and the affection and the cuddly and the sleeping in and watching DVD's and going out to eat and etc. Sadly, I am not good at writing about that kind of thing, so this will be a completely nonromantic entry.

Which is rather like when I read Anne of Windy Poplars- the previous book in the series featured a schmoopy romantic ending, and I was all on fire to read the next one for the romance. Alas, the lovebirds don't get together AT ALL during the book (he's at medical school, she's working elsewhere), and every time she feels like writing a schmoopy letter, the author just cuts that part! Argh!

And yet, I can't write schmoopy either. Sigh.

Though er, may I be way TMI and yet euphemistic at once here? I normally wouldn't say this here, but it was bloody annoying: You know how it is at the beginning of spring, when you've been wearing big heavy shoes and socks every single day and can't wait to get into sandals again, so on the first day that it's not so frigid you put them on? And then after walking around a bit, you realize that your feet obviously aren't used to this whole sandal thing after going so long without and you end up limping home and not being able to wear sandals again for a day or two afterwards at least because your feet hurt so bad?

Uh, that doesn't only happen to feet.


Yet another big shopping weekend, as they all are when it's me, I guess. I ended up having to spend more than half of my birthday gift certificate towards buying Mom gifts for her birthday/Mother's Day. (It is just so incredibly annoying that the two are either the same day or next to each other every year.) Mom later was all "Why did you use your birthday money to buy me presents? Don't you have any money of your own? Why don't you have any money of your own?" *sigh* Because I have to spend at least $80-100 on you per holiday, Mother? And it's never enough to make you happy? Plus now I have to get nice, sweet, sappy-ass cards for her birthday and Mother's Day and her anniversary. Sigh. Thank god Family Birthday Season is over after that.

For myself this weekend, I got:

(a) New Bitch magazine, which is quite the good issue this time,

(b) Book, "Sex and the Married Girl," by Mandi Norwood, which I plan on reviewing in a later entry because I loved it THAT MUCH and it should get more space dedicated to it and it alone,

(c) Thingamahootchie so I could hook the DVD player and VCR up at once,

(d) New Palm styluses, and

(e) New Palm thumb keyboard.

The latter, alas, was a problem. Or to be more precise, my new Palm itself is having a problem that we wouldn't have known about without the keyboard. When I plug it in, it immediately takes me to today's date on the entry page, and then none of the keys will type what they are supposed to type. They either put nothing at all or put the wrong letters. This only happens with my Palm, as Dave swapped keyboards and found that both worked fine on his. Well, that was a waste of $60, wasn't it? He's telling me I should just send back my Palm, which I am reluctant to do.

I just got an e-mail from Palm tech support, telling me to COMPLETELY WIPE THE ENTIRE DAMN THING and do a bunch of other horrible things to my setup ensuring that I must wipe everything and reinstall everything ONE ITEM AT A TIME in order to try to get it to work. In other words, the old "Microsoft reboot" solution. Waaaah. It may just be easier to send it back and demand a refund, though I already sent in the rebate info and bought service. Ughhhhh.

Remember how I was griping about how people on mailing lists can't stop going on about casting? Well, one thread stopped...and then someone suggested, "Hey, now that we've got a cast, what would be the soundtrack for the Anita movie? Let's pick songs!"

That loud clanging noise you just heard was me smashing my head into a wall.

Meanwhile, the Narbonic mailing list is discussing Evil Pocky.

Tarot class was good and yet frustrating. I will so never sign up for a Sunday EC college class again. Ours is not the only class being held around that time, but man, what a pain in the ass. I don't know why they made us get an actual classroom for the class if say, nobody plans to (a) open the building so we can get into the room, or (b) be available should someone need to get into a building on a Sunday.

I got there fifteen minutes early because I had Dave walk me over before he went to the station. I saw the teacher and class members standing around looking annoyed, and I figured "Oh, they haven't opened the building yet." I go off to be schoopy with Dave for ten more minutes, while they disappear. Then I go wait around, only everyone's gone and the building isn't being opened. Finally found out from instructor's significant other/friend/whatever that "oh, they went over to the EC since the room was locked." The teacher is annoyed because of this room thing and said he wanted to see if the EC would let us just have class here. At least one other class was going on during ours (karate?), and the instructor came in right as he said that and said, "Oh, I dunno, they have this room locked up half the time too." So really, I have no idea where class will be held next week, and no idea if I'll be able to find out before class if I'm stuck at the parents' until class starts.

I am so sorry I missed last week- they did the Wands and Cups suites (the latter being my favorite), though at least I haven't missed out on the people cards yet. I'm rather annoyed that he didn't have any extra handouts either.

We did Swords and Pentacles this week, which was really interesting and insightful and I heard quite a lot that I haven't found in books before. He also confirmed some of my card-reading suspicions about stuff like what happens if a lot of the same suite comes up or if the same card comes up in someone's reading over and over again.

I devoutly hope I actually MAKE it to next week's class, given how my parents are.

In one of those big ol' "Oops" moments, Dave left his Palm at the train station. Luckily for him, nobody else was there at the time and the guy at the station held on to it until I got there.

I will have to mail it back to him via expensive, ASAP shipping tomorrow, ugh, because otherwise we won't be doing much talking if he has no phone reception at home either.

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