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The Most Disturbing Thing I Have Ever Heard About Ducks

2013-04-27, 3:11 p.m.

My birthday was very quiet. I pretty much didn't do anything special because it was a Wednesday and I didn't have time to go out for a fancy meal or whatever in between work and classes. I pretty much did birthday things on the days afterwards, though. Had cake at work, had a surprise cake/party at my volunteer job, went out for lunch, etc. It's all good for a weekday birthday, I suppose.

On Saturday, my day started out good and went very weirdly downhill from there.

Mom and I went to the Scottish Games, which was good fun. I do think they put on an excellent one at the fairgrounds--it's a hell of a lot better show than our county fair actually is. More vendors, more stuff to do, more events to look at, costumes, and a general good time was had by all. I only bought some English candy and debated buying a corset, but did not. Mom bought a gorgeous pendant that if she doesn't want it, I will happily make off it with because I have never seen pink and purple turquoise before. We talked to one of the people who puts on the Games and she said that the committee that puts it together is very clear on sticking to their mission statement of having it be an overall good and educational time, rather than just focusing on bands or one specific thing that the other Scottish Games in California might do.

There was another incident, which I am going to put into a later entry because it made me super whiny and irritating, and I'll just warn you of that so y'all can skip it.

And finally to top out Saturday night....

There's been a bunch of baby ducks in the arboretum lately. I found out where they are mostly hanging out in the last few days, and have been going out there to take pictures. Well, we got back to my place around 7:30 and Mom still didn't want to go home, so since finding places that were still open in town after then is kind of hard to do, I took her down to the arboretum before sunset to see the babies.

I've mentioned that I'm a weirdo magnet before, right? Well, HOO BOY, DID THE WEIRDO MAGNET EVER COME OUT TONIGHT. Mom was strolling around, asking me questions about the arboretum that I didn't know the answers to, such as "Why is the water so still?" and this random dude walking by starts answering. And looking at all of those cute baby ducks brought out the uh...interesting....responses. And somehow this led into him telling us about how it's duck raping season. Not that I didn't know that already, mind you, but what I did not know before this night was that DUCKS WILL DO GANG RAPE IN THE WATER. Yes, seriously, they are gang raping in the water and drowning their victims. "We found several of the mothers dead right over there, and they'd obviously been raped to death. Want to see a video?" I said no, but he whipped out his phone and showed us a water rape anyway.

"Yeah, there's like 3 mothers in there right now who have taken on all of the babies. Which is a relief." I was all, do you work here?, and apparently no, he just uh...hangs around rescuing abandoned gift ducks and driving them to other towns like Sacramento and Jackson. Uh..... I strongly suspect I ran into the dude who was talking about duck water rape on the wiki.


It was quite the capper on the day.

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