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2020-04-27, 9:48 p.m.

Today at work: not feeling great, but I've felt worse. I did get told that International Mailing Is Going To Happen! despite my pointing out that there are several pitfalls/issues with this idea and I asked if any of those issues were solved on Friday when this happened behind my back. Not so much! I was also told that A Certain Event to go on in the fall has absolutely NO contingency plans in the event of coronavirus and they are planning on, you guessed it, business as usual and everyone being in person in large hordes! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I have to go to Kaiser tomorrow to get a shot so I don't have horrendous cramps. I have no choice but to go in person. I politely asked my boss to NOT schedule a meeting with me right after I get back because I will probably be crying and having a Silkwood shower right afterwards, not that I said that last bit. At least I'm doing it before therapy.

Mostly today's disaster was finding out that my automatic credit card transfer to pay one of my credit cards "failed" for no discernible reason, as there is definitely money in there. I had to schedule an appointment with an actual banker on Thursday morning, so we'll see how that goes. Though I did get my stimulus check deposited via phone, so there's that, at least.

I also got a call from the post office--I suspect it was from the most unpleasant woman that works there--that essentially said, "You can file a claim" and that is about all she said. Meanwhile, I checked Informed Delivery, and now both my book and the webcam seem to be indefinitely lost god knows where now? Huh? The webcam was supposed to show up tonight and is now "in transit to next facility, delivery date unknown," for which I am endlessly grateful since Tigress got hers in the mail and now everyone wants to know where mine is. Take it wherever you want, universe, just give me my dang book. And speaking of, that is listed as "on its way to USPS, delivery date unknown" on the day after it was supposedly delivered to my front door, so who the fuck knows what that's about? And my masks still haven't shipped yet. You know what? I hate getting packages too. Just getting anything to me sucks.

My neighbor coughed for several hours today (a 2 hour stint in the morning instead of his usual 1 hour) and I swear he is having friends over or at least one guy, and partying noises or at least loud music and voices is going on. Between that and hearing that Tigress's son is having a birthday AND HE'S HAVING FRIENDS OVER.... Look, I know nobody wants to hear someone being a naggy bitch and clearly the damage, if any, is already done (I swear, Tigress's kids are just wandering in and out even when she says not to.) It's not my business at this point when we'll never see each other again. But.... look, I'll follow the rules if there's a good reason AND HERE IS A GOOD REASON!

I did online Zumba again today. It was pretty much the same dance except in different outfits, but she called out "Jennifer?" at the end and I did my usual double take of "Who, me?" and "Uh, do you mean me, or the other one?" because there's always another one. Anyway, by the time I figured out what was going on, oh well.

Other than that, there's nothing much to say today. I'm doing today's square for the Arne and Carlos knitalong, it's a house. Also did some work on the new cross stitch. I feel like today is the equivalent of what a "GTL" weekend used to be. Not much drama. Which is good. I am dwelling on trying to find ways to get my drama friends to hang out, and then I think, you tried that last weekend and it still didn't fucking work, it only works if there's a play and someone else is running it.

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