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Flakies Gonna Flake

2013-04-28, 3:13 p.m.

Oh god, I just feel EXHAUSTED today. Seriously, I got 10 hours of sleep and you can't tell. Why? Because my day started out with my getting totally annoyed and...well, the energy suck went on from there.

Last week on Picnic Day, I did the #1 thing you shouldn't do with regards to flaky people: spend money on them for something that requires them to commit more than an hour in advance. Which is to say that I bought Mom and Mauricio classes. I hadn't planned on buying him one, but he was there, said he could make it because he wasn't working at least on Saturday that weekend, whatever. But after hearing about this class, his wife was all, "I wanna come!" Well....for one thing I bought them the last two slots. For another thing, while M is about 50% flaky, his wife is....well, super flaky. She flaked on going to learn from me when I offered, but I so assumed she was going to flake that I actually forgot she was supposed to come. So I was all, "look, I am going to sew things while you two are in class, if she shows up later and wants a lesson from me, fine, but all three of you can't go." I think she's a nice person, but making commitments does NOT seem to be her strong suit in life, and I am not inclined to make plans revolving around someone who is likely to flake and bail on shit. When I said I'd teach her, I was all, "eh, I plan on being at the CC anyway, so it doesn't matter if she shows or not." This, however, is different.

What M didn't mention to uh, any of us was that oh, btw, I'm taking off from work this weekend (i.e. this one), so that he would oh, most definitely have to work the weekend he said he'd come to class. And can his wife come instead, puh-leeze?

This was about the point where I was all, OH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, SHE FLAKES EVEN WORSE THAN HE DOES. WHY THE HELL SHOULD I GO "MAKE ARRANGEMENTS" FOR HER TO GO WHEN I AM 99% SURE SHE WON'T SHOW UP?!?! I seriously doubt she'll show up here for a couple of hours two days in a row when as far as I can recall, she's never come here yet. Which means that at the last minute, Mom will want me to go in with her. Which means that WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHO IS GOING ON CLASS DAY, we won't know until 10 a.m. or so that day and class is at 10:30.

This strikes me as being a Dick Move on the part of everybody. Me included, which just isn't right under the circumstances, since I planned on doing other things such as working on my sewing during their class time instead. I also don't want to be a pain in the CC's ass, which this is totally being.

I ended up making Mom go to the CC and ask a manager herself on this one. The manager was all, "well, since you paid with your credit here, at least we don't have to worry about actual money transfer and this would be less of a problem." I pretty much said, "who the fuck knows who will be at class on Saturday at this point, is that a problem?" The response was, "Uh...come early on Saturday."


Seriously, I don't want to deal with this problem. I don't want to deal with this drama.

As for the rest of the day, I took Mom around a ceramics show--a giant one held in basically every empty building in town, which is a lot of them. I was surprised at how tired I was by the end of them-- between Mom and hiking all over town trying to find these things, and then dealing with Mom's semi-horrified reactions to seeing (a) freaky art, and (b) pierced and tattooed art students from other schools, I was wiped the hell out. And I still had hours to go before I slept. Good photography though--I've got like 300 photos of weird things to upload. Sometime. When I have free time at my house with my home computer. Whenever the hell that is.

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