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Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

2003-04-29, 7:49 p.m.

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Well, I was up all night Sunday dealing with the Palm thing. Erasing everything off it, finding out that the keyboard did work, happily reinstalling everything, finding out that it had stopped working again... etc., etc. till about 1:30 a.m., which is when I figured out the problem. The new keyboard won't work if my old keyboard is installed.


I guess on the one hand it's "solveable" by either just not installing one or the other and deleting if I want to use the other...but still, ugh.

The rest of the night I was up coughing. Whee.

Incidentally, why is it that on nights where I get virtually no sleep, I'm like, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next morning, and on nights where I got a full 8, I'm dead tired until noon?

Oh yeah, and I'd just like to know why the tech support people, despite seeing the name JENNIFER at the top of and throughout the various e-mails that I've sent them, keep referring to me as "Mr. Mylastname."

BLEAH. Hey, girls use computers too, you morons!

So, Dave has managed to miraculously contract the flu after leaving my house. Hopefully this is not a bad omen for me as well, and since he doesn't have work to go to any more I guess it's not bad timing. But I am thoroughly pissed at his mom right now. Really, demanding he do your yard work "before it starts raining again" AND asking him to go out and pick you up soda (note: his dad was home at the time, sitting there doing nothing) when he's sick? Good lord. That just makes me so furious. We may argue about whose parents were better, but mine would never do that.

Especially since it was HAILING here yesterday. Yes, hailing. Then two hours later, it was sunny.

Man, I am tired of the bad weather. I am tired of wearing the same warm weather clothes, the same dark heavy fabrics and sweaters, the same heavy winter coats. Where the hell is spring already? Because I'm gonna be pissed if Whole Earth is rained out too.

I've been a very, very, very bad girl when it comes to fun spending, but I have been very good about bringing my lunch to work. However, I am now pretty freaking tired of it.

I'm tired of looking for food that's portable and not sandwich (if I buy bread, it will eventually end up moldy because I can't possibly eat it all fast enough. Hill buys bread and we have one cupboard that's like, a giant mold pit by now) and not likely to go bad fast. I'm tired of cold lunch. I'm tired of eating various kinds of salad (lettuce, chicken, tuna, egg) for days on end because they will go bad if I don't eat them within days of purchase/opening/etc. I don't want to spend my nights preparing meals. I want to eat out, dammit.

*sigh* Grocery store trip in two days. I must hold out until then. Saving money by not eating out by myself is the only thing I've been good at saving money at lately. (Then, of course, I blow the saved money on books and Palms.)

Every month, I say I'm going to do better. The last two months I've done REALLY badly, especially because of the computer stuff. And I already know that May is going to be blown all to hell because of craft fairs. Not only is there Whole Earth, Mom's decided that we're going to the Harvest Festival after the doctor's office Friday. Craft fairs are really bad because there's fifty billion cool, unique items that you will NEVER be able to buy later if you don't do it right now.

I am starting to get fatter. Sigh. Or so I've been seems to be only at the waist, but still. This weekend Dave was saying that I needed to walk around more often. I have been staying in more and more, mainly because every time I leave my house I see cool things I want and there goes the money. Dave was all "so leave your money at home and windowshop" and I was all "Oh, please, I'll run home and GET the money, that won't stop me." If I see cool things, I want, I get. Period.

First, I felt like I had to buy a membership to the dang vampire club thingamachootchie. Then, a few months later, the management of said vampire club is now trying to make that money one big ol' waste on my part. Normally, they have gatherings on alternating Fridays and Sundays (Saturdays are apparently "taken" by others). If it's on a Friday, I can go, if it's a Sunday, I obviously can't unless I got a three-day weekend.

The management is now trying to have only-Sunday meetings from now on. At the moment it's a "trial" until June when they can officially vote/change the bylaws, but the guy in charge (also the biggest big shot in the game, ahem) apparently can't go to Fridays again until October. So he's pushing VERY hard to have Sunday-only games eternally. Ugh. This is giving me bad flashbacks of my last club and the railroading that could go on there.

In other "bad behavior" news, I keep saying I'm going to do two things: (a) write up a review of Sex and the Married Girl, and (b) study my sign language book before the next class. Alas, both of these things seem to be going to hell in a handbasket. I can't get arsed to open the sign language book somehow, and I only get through about a page of research on the book review before my attention span goes scatty. Instead, all I want to do at home is watch my new Buffy DVD's. I need a spanking or something. Or to force myself to "study in the library" or something.

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