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2004-04-29, 11:23 p.m.

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I have officially decided that I want to start my own zine. Which is something I've wanted to do for freaking years, really. But doing a paper zine that nobody would pay to read seemed like a waste. I've tried to get in on writing for other people's zines, and somehow my submissions never got printed. I'm guessing this was because I wasn't one of the creator's friends.

So bugger it all, I'm doing my own. And I have a theme.

I bet y'all are thinking, "Uh, WHY are you wanting to start a zine? Aren't you taking like 12 classes or something? Aren't you writing a novel? Aren't you trying to sell jewelry? Aren't you fucking busy enough?!"

Well, yes, that's kinda where the theme came from, actually.

It's gonna be a zine about learning. About the process of learning. About how to figure out how you learn best. About what's easier or harder to learn. About enriching your mind. About reading. About how your pesky little mind works. I'm going to have a column (of sorts) called "The Learning Process" (unless I think of something less DULL to call it), where I (or anyone else if they are interested, but I won't hold my breath there) write about, say, the process of writing a novel, or learning a language, stuff like that. There will be discussions of say, testing methods, e-books, online courses, and stuff to enlarge your brain. There will be links to good learning experiences or writing on a nice little sideblog.

Doesn't that sound cool and geeky? I love this. I have ideas aplenty for this.

If anyone actually DOES want to write something for it and won't flake out (I hate flaky), I'd love it, but if I have to, I can sustain this for myself. It'd be cool to get some teaching-other-people perspectives too, if possible.

Ooooh. I'm like, quivery. My workday became super-interesting because I kept thinking about this stuff.

I do have to figure out a few logistics, though. I could use my official domain webpage, but that would mean either (a) I do the work of coming up with a fancy design or whatever (which I might be able to do after my Dreamweaver classes start, but who knows) and post it there, or (b) I go back to using Moveable Type. Which I liked using for posting purposes, but I have to say that my Typepad blogs have spoiled me so bad that it'd be hard to go back to MT. With Typepad, I can lazily create a new template and have sideblogs/lists without having to figure out how to create them or anything. I could plug books, I could have much fun.

The slightly annoying thing there is that I am currently on a Plus account with TypePad, which means I'm limited to 3 weblogs, and I've used all three. I knew someday this would be a problem when the road trip website thing came up because I knew I'd only actually update it for maybe 2 weeks tops, but I can't just shut it off and create a new blog either. As for NaNo, that one still occasionally gets updated, but I might as well keep that for each November.

However, I have been wishing for months now I could make more blogs. I used to have a booklog and a tarotlog before I buggered up my space on sweetdisorder, and while I'm somewhat disinclined to start those up again, I'd like the ability to make more if I want to.

Checking the Typepad listings and factoring in that I have a 20% lifetime discount... an upgrade would take me from $7 to $12 a month. I can swing that. And since I got my new bank card in the mail EARLY, I can make a purchase or two :)

So there you go. One issue solved.

Then there's the other issue: what the fuck do I title it? I don't really want to call it "The Learning Process" or "Continuing Education" or something else dull-ass- I want something fun/funny. And yet, I am drawing blanks. The best idea I've got so far is "Whirlwind Brain," which I ripped off of someone else's blog today (just a casual title). I keep thinking and thinking on this and coming up with more dull. Oof.

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