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Already No Fun After Five Minutes of Marriage

2019-04-29, 5:22 p.m.

GQ will no longer be working here after this week. There is some thousand hour rule about temps working at the same place for too long and he’s about to hit it. This seems to have been kind of a surprise for everyone. Waaaah. In the meantime, the interviewing for the replacement is going into high gear and they plan on doing phone interviews all week to weed out who wants too high of a salary or whatever and then actual interviews by Friday.

Much to my total shock, GQ did NOT apparently apply for the new position. I asked him and he said he “somehow missed that one.” I had to restrain myself from saying what I wanted to say, which was “WTF?” and “You applied for at least seventysomething jobs, including stuff you don’t qualify for, you say you like working here, and you MISSED THIS ONE!?!? They sent an e-mail about it when it came out, even!” Of course, for all I know this could be a tactful way of saying, “Oh dear god, I didn’t want to do this permanently,” so I shut up. And he did apply for the most recent scheduling job, so we’ll see there. But still, I am bummed.

As for rehearsal, Linda has now replaced the slide whistle with a straight up portable microphone. Make of that what you will.

Mark and Valentin have brought small bouncy balls and are secretly bouncing them whenever Linda isn’t looking, mostly during “Day By Day.”

The appetizers Vinnie and I have to serve are going to be Ritz crackers and Cheez Whiz. I am supposed to rehearse passing out appetizers to people. Someone put out some Goldfish crackers to eat, so I went around handing those out to everyone while doing this.

I showed That70’sScott the flask I got over the weekend and we started passing it back and forth in scene. I really need to get Loretta a purse to hold that in. Likewise, he is passing me some of his lines since I don’t have much, which is sweet (plus presumably he doesn’t have to memorize those).

Musical levels of hell for That70’sScott, as mentioned by him:
* Fifth level of hell: disco
* Sixth level of hell: line dancing
* Seventh level of hell: line dancing to the Rolling Stones. He specifically mentioned the pain of line dancing to “Brown Sugar.”

Linda wants to have musical cues to when the bridal party is brought in, such as “New York, New York” for Donna. I suggested “She’s Having My Baby” for Connie but Linda was not thrilled.

Character Quotes:
* “In your FACE! In your FACE!” -Tony to Michael
* “Let’s just not acknowledge him.” Tina on Michael.
* “You’re been married for five minutes and already you’re no fun?” --Connie to Tina when Tina yells at her for drinking. I super hope she always says that line every time, it’s fucking great.

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