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The Last Transformation Game

2016-05-13, 6:19 p.m.

Before Meg moved to Santa Cruz permanently (sigh....don't get me started on that), I got to play the Transformation Game with her one last time. (Previous mention here.) Here's the recap.

Both of us used the same question: What will support me in my life path?

Physical Level:

1. I drew a Blessing Life Square and received one service token and 3 awareness cards-- contribution, success, power. (All these work as a pathway or poem, Meg said) I have so many issues with power corrupting. Meg says it's prejudice--her husband has power and gets what he wants. She said my gift is my ability not to push it...whatever it is. Not be pushy in general, I think?

2. Meg drew a Life Insight card saying her personality is radiant with inspiration (true) and got 3 awareness cards.

3. I drew an angel card--Humor. Yay.

4. Meg drew a pain card.

5. I drew an Appreciation Life Square, which would have cleared all pains if I had any, which I do not. I also got two awareness cards--pleasure and breakthrough--well, I'm working on that last one. Meg said if I believe, I will be supported.

6. Meg drew a Blessing Life Square, which handed out six awareness to both of us. The cards I got were dance, completion, giving, experience, practicality and determination, which moved me up to the next level! Woot!

Emotional Level: You can trade in 2 of your awareness cards from a previous level to have 1 card for your new level, so I traded in 4 physical level awareness for 2 emotional level awareness--generosity and calmness. "We wouldn't recognize each other if we didn't share the path," Meg said. (Also, we're using the same question.)

I drew a Life Insight/Group Insight card and won the die roll--"I readily appreciate and trust others." (Hahahahahah on that in reality, I gotta say.) Anyway, I got three awareness cards--serenity, discretion, and acceptance.

Meg drew the intuition card and guessed she'd get a life setback card and was right. She had more pain cards in this game than I did, probably because of her mother-in-law's death last month being an issue.

I drew two angel cards--Freedom and Surrender. I don't know on freedom, but I sure do have to practice a lot of surrender to things I don't like and can't control or stop.

Meg drew a free will card saying to face what's in front of her. She got an awareness card. She mentioned the Think and Grow Rich book she read, which mentions making a prayer for what you want and what you are willing to give up. That latter bit is not my favorite there.

I got a Blessing Life Square that gives me one service card and three awareness--communication, empathy, and outrageousness (my favorite). This gave me enough to move on to the mental level! I traded in two extra awareness I had (you're required to have six to move on) for 1 mental awareness card of telepathy. Meg things I could use training on that. I feel like I have to have that at work anyway (ugh).

Meg drew a Life Insight square and got two awareness.

I drew a Life Insight card saying, "You follow through on your commitments, gain 3 awareness." Which is true IRL. I got intelligence, impartiality, and concepts. "You're asking for a huge bravery for yourself," Meg said. Her concept is happiness--it's a barometer. If I don't have certain words, I don't have the right path--that's a barometer.

Meg drew a pain card and then I drew a Life Setback--
"You are set back by your revenge on your present level, take 2 pains." (I'm all, what revenge? I never got revenge in my entire life.) I burned impartiality and telepathy awareness cards to get rid of them, because if there's any lesson I've learned while playing this game, it's GET RID OF YOUR PAINS ASAP OR ELSE IT CAN GET WORSE.

Meg gained five awareness for using power wisely, drew a Service Life Square and drew a card for me: "You are sensitive to the needs of your physical body, gain 3 Awareness." I got refinement, simplicity, and impartiality.

I drew a Life Insight card--"You express your feelings clearly and responsibly, gain 4 Awareness." The cards I got were common sense, priorities, assistance, and feedback. How do you arrange your life for a life path that his a lot of my priorities? Ask for assistance and it shows up, Meg said.

Meg drew a pain card that said, "What's in it for me?" We then had a discussion about inner children and how we shouldn't let them drive the bus and crash it. Now you know how to drive the bus and not cling and drive as an adult, not a scared kid. You won't leave the kid out to dry.

I was kind of steamed recently about being yelled at online for being too negative--I was chatting in a discussion thread about someone who may or may not need to whistle blow at a job and I was concerned about what happens to whistleblowers screwing their career over--and then got bitched out for saying that. Meg said, "It's your intelligence that will get you in trouble--you are 10 steps ahead! Is honesty negativity?" Or are we afraid of the truth? Hah, she had a good point.

I drew a Life Setback-"You are set back by your mistrust on your present level, take 2 pains." That's probably accurate. I burned the feedback and simplicity cards to get rid of them. Meg and I discussed the difference between being an optimist and a pessimist. Optimists are okay if there are problems and pessimists plan for how to deal with problems ahead of time. That's a very good point.

Meg drew a card that said, "It is easy for you to be yourself at all times, gain awareness."

I landed on the Miracle Life Square--all pains are cleared (again fresh out already) and drew a Life Insight-"Your actions today have demonstrated your increased capacity and capability for loving, gain 4 awareness." I drew fantasy, purification, clear sight, and continuity.

Meg drew an Angel of Patience.

I landed on the Universal Feedback Free Will Life Square. "Your perseverance has brought you good fortune," gain 3 awareness and a Life Insight. I drew expectancy, skill, and affirmations.

The Life Insight card said, "Retreat is not defeat. You recognize the value of slowing down. Gain 2 Awareness." I drew observation and knowing. Meg said (about the online bitching out again) that I notice things and I'm right and people get mad. Hah, yeah.

Meg got the Blessing Life Square and we both got two awareness. I drew promise and possibilities.

I drew two angel cards--education and purpose.

Meg drew an intuition card and got more pain.

I got a service card, which moved me to the spiritual level! I had tons and tons of awareness cards on the mental level and traded the extras in for six new awareness cards-- reality, being, triumph, participation, unknown, and cohesiveness.

Meg was unable to move because she had too many pains and didn't roll high enough on the die to move without them.

I got the lightning/intuition square and chose to do nothing because my intuition ain't saying shit during this game and I had the option of not having to deal with it. Huzzah. I later drew a Blessing Life Square, got a service card and two awareness (revelation and humility) and I won the game! I donated two of my awarenesses to Meg so she could burn some pains.

We played a little longer so that Meg could win too, yay.

I don't know about this particular game. The first time I played it I really came out with a clear answer as to what the answer to the question was, and I was hoping for something like that this time, especially since this was the last time I'd ever get to play it. But I didn't feel like I got a clear answer this time, and that bums me out. But what are you gonna do. Time's up.

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