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Karaoke 2: Group Bonding Edition

2019-04-30, 5:23 p.m.

There is just too much work. I spent the day trying to do the absent coworkers’ work, and meanwhile everyone else is either out sick or coming down with sick. I am literally the only person here who is never, ever sick. Not saying I want to be, mind you, but it seems even worse that the one person not manning phones and front counter is the only one who is never, ever ever absent. Kind of indicates who should be doing it all the time, right?

In rehearsal news:

* Germaine brought in a bunch of gold chain bling for Vinnie, saying, “that is enough bling for any man” and “this is what an overdressed gigolo” wears. She just raided her closet and found that stuff, including a giant cross.

* That70’sScott’s T-shirt: “I do what I want, when I want, where I want! Except I gotta ask my wife. One sec.” I approved and said he had to wear it during the show and he said he had two other shirts along those lines.

* Linda on ditching the first set of bridesmaid dresses: “We’re back to hot pink again.”
* Linda to Heidi: “Shh. That wasn’t nice. I don’t want to shhhh. But shhhh.”

We got a pianist (Robin) in today and had to introduce ourselves in character and say what we did today. Linda started with That70’sScott because “I always know he’s got something to say.” In this case, he said he bet on a lava lamp and lost. He did not go as long as usual in his introduction and Jesse was all “so short,” and That70’sScott was all, “I could go longer if you want,” and Jesse was all, “Sorry I brought it up.”

In other character introductions:
* Donna does not care if her neighbors hit the ceiling with a broom, she’s not gonna stop singing.
* “This is my little piece of work right here.” -Dominic on Donna.
* Dominic later tried to talk Donna out of drinking too much because HE has to drive home, leading Donna to point out, “Then why do I have to only have a few drinks?” and Barry being all, “That’s a good point.”
* “I talked a lot of people out of being drama majors.” -Michael. He also said he talked to a depressed kid, got depressed himself, and went home early.
* Tony wondered about why he repeated his dad’s quote about “getting the milk for free” since that’s pretty bad. He also mentioned that they had sexual harassment training at the Animal Kingdom today.
* “I am mostly a human incubator.” -Connie

Snarky commentary/behavior during rehearsal:
* “Hey, Mrs. V, I got gum.” -Donna
* “Who got her to read that? Chastity, not one of her virtues.” -Me on the Bible text Connie has to read.
* Mrs. V is HAMMING IT UP during the “Day By Day” song, Vinnie complimented her performance. (Note: he sings totally off during that. And loud.)
* Now Tina and Connie are bouncing balls off the walls in the back.
* During the ring exchange, Tina gets a plastic one, Mark/Tony is using his own.
* Yarn Empire Scott and Cameron haaaaaaaate that they have to do the Lambada.
* “Get a divorce, you two!” -Barry during the first dance
* “Mark, are your kids gonna see this?” -Sierra. “I hope not.” -Mark.
* Vinnie during his speech, during which he mentions, very affectionately, someone named “Joey Heatherington.” (I like to give him a look like, “So you’re bi now?” at this point.) “I only got eyes for you, but in my dreams, who knows?”
* Vinnie also mentions a “spice” in his speech. Tony suggested it was ganja.
* We get a different/cheaper menu for food than the actual paying guests. Linda referred to this as “You’ll get your dregs food.”

We rehearsed the Champagne March, as previously mentioned by Linda, the silliest thing in the show. Vinnie gets to march around with a sword and I have to follow him with a streamer or a sparkler or something or other, just the two of us, randomly marching around the hall and looking stoopid. I guess this is supposed to make more sense if our children are a part of the show, but they are not. (I did mention to Wedding Singer Sarah that she should join in here.)

Also, I had to do the giant “here’s how you eat at the buffet” table speech and got just about the worst reaction about it that I expected to get about it: “You trying to do a New York accent? DON’T” from Linda. Later, Manny said to me he could understand me perfectly fine during this, and also it probably won’t be an issue when I actually have a microphone instead of having to scream it to the hall.

At the end of the night, Linda expressed her concerns at trying to figure out all of this organized chaos-type stuff, and I had a suggestion. During the auditions at some point, she mentioned that she knew someone who had been involved with a T n’ T production elsewhere--I suggested that we bring that person in. Linda said, “I should probably invite her back. I’m afraid to, but...”

And after that, KARAOKE!!!!!!!! Wedding Singer Sarah did not show up for rehearsal, as she apparently spent the day at the beach (“I’m covered in sand and cow shit”) and going to a haunted house she thinks she lived in in a past life and going shopping and stuff like that and only made it back from that just now for karaoke. But woo hooooooo her showing up tonight!

We continue to hit it off: I’m her favorite karaoke person and we’re besties now and she’s also a witchy type, so that’s awesome. She did mention that her dream job was being a pastry chef in Marin and apparently she got offered the job and now she wants to go for it, which made me sad though. (Another “happy for you, sad for me,” sort of moment.) She thinks I should be a rainbow for a living, like at kids’ parties.

We watched Yarn Empire Scott sing “Tiny Dancer” (Manny joined in later) and damn, he’s good. and she was really touched watching him and started saying stuff like he was singing from his big self and usually she thinks he’s living life from his little self--something she said she was doing until around December this year. She had a heart to heart with him afterward about this and I really wish I could have heard that better in a bar because I bet it was really memorable. They hugged afterwards.

As for play discussion, as previously mentioned, Manny thought I was perfectly understandable and the other guys said I just need a mike, and they agreed that this expert should come out. Robert thinks that we need group bonding time as a cast and we should have a party. Since we don’t have rehearsal on Wednesday night due to a theater board meeting, Sarah volunteered her house for it. So we shall have a party tomorrow!

I still left after 11:30 again.

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