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30 Days of Manifestation

2009-05-01, 4:35 p.m.

So, I'm still liking this 30 day experiment thing. And I got another wacky idea: try to do the manifestation thing for 30 days. (I read this and it looked interesting. Also I am listening to a podcast on Huna where he talks about manifesting a blue feather. Hey, what the heck.) I have occasionally pulled this sort of thing off with small objects, but not so much with bigger ones or more nebulous ones.

So, my plan is to try to manifest small, tangible things for 30 days and see how many of them show up.

* I will select 30 tangible objects (as in, I can keep/photograph them), preferably ones that might show up at random, dropped on the ground, stuff like that. (Let's give the universe an easy out.) Other than the first day's blue feather, the rest will be written down and put into an envelope. At the start of each day, I will draw one at random out of the envelope.
* During the daily meditation (at least), I will concentrate on the drawn object and any previously drawn objects that have not manifested yet. I will report on the ones that do manifest.
* I will give the experiment 31 days total. This means that the object drawn on day 30 gets an extra 24 hours to show up. Yes, that means day 2 has 30 days in which to show up.

I'll probably do daily updates on the LiveJournal about this (or at least say what the item of the day is) and do roundup entries over here periodically of lists of stuff that showed up.

The list of objects:

* blue feather
* flower
* cookie
* Rice Krispie Treat
* Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
* $1
* $5
* Sacajawea dollar
* Free paperback book (me going shopping does not count)
* Playing card
* Front page of the New York Times
* Some kind of fairy figurine/statue/toy
* Fortune cookie
* Jar of gold paint
* Plastic ring
* Any of my missing earrings- they got lost, I want 'em back
* Key chain
* Bead
* Rubber duck
* Spool of thread
* Name tag
* Skein of storebought yarn (me making yarn does not count)
* Lottery ticket
* A movie on DVD
* A stuffed rabbit
* A picture of a tree
* Kettle corn
* A purple pen
* Pencil
* Postcard

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