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First Cast Party

2019-05-03, 5:24 p.m.

First cast party day! Attendees: me, Nancy and her husband Steve (who volunteered to throw the next one), Manny and Robert, Scott, Jean and Bridesmaid Sarah, Wedding Singer Sarah and her roommates, Sarajean and Lance. Yes, that’s two Sarah’s, a Jean, and a Sarajean at the same party. And four wandering cats.

Notable moments I wrote down (and they know I wrote down, and that I even read back when requested):

* Jean mentioned watching Bridesmaid Sarah in Rocky Horror and well, doing things one doesn’t want to watch their daughter do.
* Jean also mentioned watching Game of Thrones with her son and thinking it was porn. “I am watching porn with my 19-year-old son and I’m not going to say anything...”
* Nancy mentioned something that got this response out of Jean: “Did he not know you don’t bring your mom to a titty bar?” (Me: “There’s nothing quite like going out for your birthday with your mom to a titty bar.”)
* “We’re rainbow buddies.” -Sarah to me, since guess what I was wearing and she got out a rainbow-y skirt.
* At one point Jean mentions being out with four kids at the shoe store and Bridesmaid Sarah had to pee and the store manager told her to take her to the other end of the mall for that. Bridesmaid Sarah promptly peed where she was standing, leading Jean to say, “You really should have offered me a bathroom.”
* Later there was mention of someone else (another one of the kids?) doing similar. “He peed out the kitchen window,” said Bridesmaid Sarah. “He wants to be a fountain,” said Jean.
* “I came out to my mom as an anarcho-communist, I can’t be one if I can’t even say it.” --Wedding Singer Sarah.
* “It’s your duty as her boyfriend to punch him.” -Manny on an ex of WS Sarah’s
* “Woodstock’s Pizza: We’ve touched everything you just ate.” -Manny, making up slogans
* WS Sarah told the story of how she got her cat Buttercup while meeting a very interesting lady on the riverwalk in San Antonio and bringing the cat home on the plane and whatnot. She was told that Buttercup was a girl but uh... ”Buttercup, why is your vagina so puffy?” Later: “He’s going at his vagina and his penis pops out.”
* “Introverts unite. Separately. In your own homes.” -Yarn Empire Scott, also making up slogans.
* After a conversation involving Rocky Horror and someone whose name was Brian being involved in it and the Life of Brian movie: “Does anyone use the word Brian to mean penis?” -WS Sarah. Manny said he’d add it to the list.
* “I have started something horrific. I am so sorry.” -Yarn Empire Scott (though I don’t recall what).
* “Are you human, Robert?” “I’m not sure.” -WS Sarah and Robert.
* “It’s just a crane fly, dude.” -Manny
* “... people here who smoke the mary jane..” “I prefer weed, to be more blunt about it.” -Yarn Empire Scott and Manny.
* “The most interesting family story is the time my brother farted on my other brother.” -Manny, who then acted it out. “When I die, that’s gonna be the last thing I remember.”
* “I’m the go out and touch random strangers sort of person.” -Manny
* When trying to locate WS Sarah’s phone: “It’s in the hot sauce.” -Robert.
* “Aaaaaah, you’re funny....” -WS Sarah to Manny.

In other things I found out about WS Sarah, she was getting sleepy early and yet the party continued, and also she is boinking her gardener. I guess that clarifies a lot of last night’s conversation about the gardener...

As for actual play talk, Jean mentioned feeling embarrassed that she’d written out three pages on her character and others encouraged her that was a good thing. She mentioend that she’d organized and broke out every single scene on a spreadsheet, and we said we should all get to see that.

Play-related quotes:
* “Excuse me! I am an INCREDIBLY successful drug dealer.” -Barry/Manny
* “He’s a lushington.” --Manny on Father Mark
* “Keep that crap out of the wedding, it’s all about my daughter.” -Mrs. V to Dominic
* “She has sex and he drinks.” -Mrs. V on Sister and Father.

Later in the evening, the guys went out for Taco Bell for everyone. After Robert was unable to work a door to get out, Yarn Empire Scott (who doesn’t drink) was all, “I’ll drive.”

I left around 11:30ish on a worknight again. At least I don’t have any of those early morning meetings the rest of the week.

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