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2004-05-02, 9:58 p.m.

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On Friday, we had our one and only meeting for the WEF CC booth. There had to be oh, 25 people there or so selling stuff? I was surprised that I probably knew around a fourth of them. It sounds pretty loose- they only run the booth on Saturday and Sunday, so that leaves me time to go shop on Friday, at least. You get some kind of small space to set up, and you have to take cash, and try to bring a mirror and horizontal display stuff, and that's about it. Work when you can be there. Not too bad.

Since then I have been worrying about coming up with a display. I'd like to make a wire jewelry tree at some point, but that'd take more money and time to build, and I don't think I could pull one together in 2 days anyway. I did buy some boxes and painted and decoupaged them, and bought some Wonderfoam pieces to use as price tags.

Jess and her husband are pretty excited about the whole jewelry sales thing. They volunteered to take pictures of my stuff with backdrops and decent lighting and everything, since lord knows I have no photography skills and they think it's fun. Jess was all, "I'd only do it for free. If I was being paid, it'd only stress me out." Awww. I went over there today to do the photo thing, and will go over again on Tuesday since that's a non-ASL day. They even want to mess around with a logo and stuff like that! I'm very flattered. I need to think of something nice I can do for them.

One tricky situation though- Jess's son (who's 5 or 6, I forget which) fell madly in love with my beaded watch and REALLY wants it. Jess told him he'd have to pay me for it, in dollars and not cents. I don't really know what to do- can't just give it to him, he can't afford what I'd normally charge for it. Something in the middle? And I did want to attempt to sell it this weekend- I'd rather make him a watch that fits him, but he wanted That One, so.... guh. Oh well, hopefully I'll figure something out.

Still brainstorming on the webzine- I actually started part of the website for it after my Typepad upgrade went through, but I'm still waiting to pick a name before I start making more of a site. And dammit, I'm still not coming up with what I'd like to have a name sound like.

* Multitaskerville?

* Edification and Amusement? (probably no one can spell it)

* Nerd Central?

* Self-Taught Nerd/Dork/Geek?

* Perpetual Student? (boring)

* My Obsessions? (eh)

* Exploratorium? (way taken by something more memorable, plus they might sue me)

* DIY Education (boring)

* Individual Major (eh)

* Addicted to Brains/Thought/School (eh)

* School Junkie (eh)

* School Hard (ripoff, misleading)

* Mental Floss (see Exploratorium)

* Whirlwind Brain (still around the top pick, but not certain)

* Renaissance People (accurate but dull)

* Jack of All Trades (see Renaissance People)

* Scanners and Divers (from Barbara Sher's "I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was"- accurate, but kind of strange as a title)

* Touchstone (also from Barbara Sher- vague?)

* Investigatorium? (Still a ripoff?)

* Discoveratorium? (See Investigatorium)

Nothing's a sheer winner, and it's pretty frustrating. I can't start doing a site really until I come up with something!

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