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2008-05-02, 10:14 a.m.

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I am NOT working at Whole Earth this year.


I mentioned yesterday that I got an oracle deck. When I asked the deck about this, I got a card called The Creative No.

Well, it just doesn't get any more straightforward and authoritative about the question than that, does it?

The suck thing about this was that they were holding the meeting DURING my shift, instead of on a Friday afternoon like usual. So instead of just quietly not showing up and not having to face the music, I had to see EVERYBODY when they came in and tell them all in person that I wasn't doing it. Sucked. Though to be fair, Ian kept his mouth shut about it and while the head manager was totally shocked, she then said, "It's okay to take a break."

I still feel guilty and always will, least I won't be having a panic attack trying to make a whole bunch of stuff this weekend at the last minute.

I haven't told Mom this yet. Not looking forward to dropping that bomb, because she will be all, "Now you can drop everything and come to the Bay Area and spend time with me on Pretty Pretty Princess Weekend of Meeeee!" Ugh, don't know how to handle that one.

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