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Very Slow Blocking Day

2019-05-02, 5:25 p.m.

GQ had an interview today for the scheduling department and came in in a 3-piece suit, which is officially the fanciest anyone has ever gotten here for work including male BigBosses. He said he unexpectedly got nervous during it, getting “a butterfly.” Man, I hope he gets it. I sadly don’t get to hang out with schedulers much, but I hope he gets it.

In rehearsal news, there is an article online about the show that the costume mistress wrote up from our interviews. I did actually get mentioned in it (or Loretta did, at least), so yay there. Jean and I wanted to get physical copies of the damn thing, but the newspaper box only accepted quarters and neither of us had any. I hope they still have some next week when I can get some damn quarters, but hey, at least there’s online.

Some of us--Jean, Mark, me--were talking about being at an “awkward” age for acting (note: same situation came up on Saturday at improv auditions) when everyone wants 20somethings or the elderly, what do you do when starting? Sigh.

We had another person drop out of the play--the kid playing Joey. We weren’t told why (I guess he just did it) but I am wondering if it’s because Linda was going on about his music skills but he didn’t seem at music, I guess? Anyway, Linda was all, “if anyone knows a teenage boy” and Jean raised her hand...It’s kind of hilarious how she has SO many kids that she can keep having them fill in on the show, presumably. She called her teenage son but he did not commit by the end of the night, so who knows. Supposedly he is tired from just getting off 42nd St.

Jean’s writeup in Excel of the entire play was handed out to everyone, along with a homework sheet of writing out how your character feels about everyone else in the show (in my case, doesn’t know most of them too well). Sarah actually went to rehearsal tonight, didn’t do much and then went home sick. She noticed that she wasn’t even in the writeup (which, well, true, she’s barely mentioned in the script except as a band member) so now I am wondering if she’ll drop out too. Which would probably be pretty reasonable under the circumstances. I tried texting her but no response there. Sigh.

I just have to remind myself: if people want to be your friend they will reach out back and try to stick or respond or something, and if this isn’t going to work out then it’s not and what can you do there. Shoot for “circumstantial friend,” etc. Also, as Linda pointed out, she’s had a hard life.

That70’sScott’s T-shirt for today said: “Yes Dear, You’re Right, I’m Wrong. I’m Sorry. (How can I change?)” I approved very much.

The new bridesmaid’s dresses are supposed to be coming in soon (to replace the last set), were gotten at the quinceanera shop down the street, and to quote Cameron, “The least subtle thing in the shop, that was ours.” I’m told its sequinned hot pink again. I look forward to this so much. I wished I’d had time to go down the street and try to peek in the window.

I mentioned previously the idea that the so-called Tony n’ Tina expert should be called up to consult with about how to work out all the chaos in the show? Well, Linda called the woman (Maggie) and I guess Maggie only had about fifteen minutes of time tonight so Linda was all “never mind,” and then Maggie was all, “Well, I was just going to yell at everybody and get them in shape and play bad cop...” YIKES. Well, never fucking mind then!

Instead of getting actual consulting help, Linda declared it a Very Slow Blocking Day and mostly just having people figure out where they were going. We got farther through it today, as far as the having people start eating bit. I was told that at some point I am going to have to set up and pass out Ritz crackers and Cheez Whiz to the guests. That70’sScott seems pretty psyched about that. Meanwhile while in rehearsal, I grab some random food from the free food corner and am passing it out to people during the awkward transition between the wedding and the reception.

I managed to get through my giant paragraph of telling people how to line up for a buffet without any complaints from Linda, while still using the accent. Vinnie/That70’sScott complimented me and said, “You can call dogs from Staten Island with that voice.” I’m flattered. I was also told I have to physically lead every single table to the buffet table (like they can’t figure it out?) and ignore the food fight that’s breaking out.

Character Quote Corner:
“Whoever’s there gets a free wedding!” -Dominic
(We were originally told not to sing the song at the wedding during this rehearsal...) “Day By Day...Good job, everybody!” -Sister Albert Maria.
* “Objection!” “Objection overruled!” -Michael and Dominic
* “Tina’s still sitting in the corner in timeout.” -Mrs. V.

Fun Character Actions:
* Dom slapping Michael on the shoulder really hard going down the aisle.
* Mrs. V jumping out of her chair like she’s at some kind of Bible revival during “Day By Day.”
* I am going to serve Father Mark his first drink of the night...of many.

Normal Human Quotes:
“I don’t have a headache.” -Linda at the end of the night.

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