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Gutenberg: The Musical!

2018-05-03, 8:36 p.m.

I went to see Gutenberg: The Musical!, which is now being put on by a new very small traveling theater company in town that is performing it at different venues. It’s two dudes acting out all the roles in their show, in hopes a producer will take it. They wear different hats to do different parts (at one point there’s a “kickline” with hats on a string). The plot uh, takes some liberties with reality, such as having the printing press destroyed and some random girl loves Gutenberg but he’s oblivious, and an evil monk doing evil things. It was a hoot. I wish I had theater friends to do something like that.

But before that…I had my meeting with the New Big Boss. It was short. Turns out she is very speedy. Like half hour or so. She asked more details about my job than I was expecting at this point (I was thinking, “if I’d have known I would have brought in the instructions”). I said my points about being understaffed and the mysteries of budget and how we can’t get any promotions and then....yeah, I’d like another office and here’s why. Alllllll the why.

I’m actually writing this several weeks later (god, I don’t know why I can’t just write shit down the night after it happens any more) and I told my shrink about it today and she was all, “how did she react?” Very calmly. Wasn’t shocked at anything but it’s possible she heard at least some details already from my boss. I don’t think I’m getting a separate office, which does not surprise me. She wants to do team building instead (god help us all), though she did say she doesn’t think anyone should get treated like that at work. She asked if I had any questions for her and I asked about what she wanted to do and especially on the team building issue. I can’t recall her responses worth a damn, which makes me think she must be a politician.

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