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GQ's Last Day

2019-05-03, 5:27 p.m.

Today was GQ’s last day at work, as his contract/1000 hours of temp time/whatever limit was hit so we can’t keep him any more. I am bummed. He is bummed. I am not sure what happened when this was announced to him earlier in the week, but it sounds like maybe he cried or got emotional or something? Anyway, he really liked it here and I REALLY HOPE HE GETS HIRED in scheduling. I really wish he’d applied for this job again but fuck if I know there and fuck if I know if they would have even hired him for it because I know it has slightly annoyed Maria (other officemate) when he missed the occasional thing.

I got invited to a storytelling thing--the followup to that adult ed class workshop I did that afternoon--but I could not go because we were so short staffed again. Half of our remaining staff was literally in job interviews ALL DAY LONG back to back to back except for lunch and while they did not put me on phone or front counter still (thank god) it’s getting closer and closer to that day when literally nobody else in the office is left but me to do that fucking shit. Sigh. And of course some whopping technical problem happened that nobody knew how to deal with and someone sent an emergency message that nobody left knew how to deal with either.

When Maria came back into the office around 4, she was actually not talking (she is usually a talker) and was even a wee bit snappish. I assume she was super drained after all of that, but I am kind of concerned on how the interviews went now and yet felt like I couldn’t ask. She sounded hopeful during the phone interviews earlier in the week, but you never know.

Since it’s probably his last day being quotable for now, let me give you one last Quote Corner for GQ:

* “I don’t know why (High Horse) doesn’t like you.”
Since GQ does. Apparently he has also mentioned me to his wife and compared me to Penelope Garcia except I am not as bouncy as she is at work. I did not point out that this job does not make me as happy as Penelope’s does hers.

* “Pregnancy was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” I wanted to laugh so hard, but he was referring to the process of it sucking and the emotional issues.

* A bunch of us went on a walk during break and we went through the redwood grove, during which GQ said, “I never before saw a forest that wasn’t in Super Mario World.”

* I also asked him if I should bother going to the improv auditions this weekend since I know I’m not going to get in, and he said, “You didn’t think you were going to get into the audition last time.” I said good point, you sold me, I’m signing up.

I hope I see him again soon. We exchanged e-mails so we’ll see if we stay in touch even if he doesn’t get hired here. It has been really fun hanging with him.

After work, I did some shopping. I got a text from Cost Plus saying “free Mother’s Day jewelry set! While supplies last!” and since I am once again out of goddamned ideas for presents for Mother’s Day/birthday hell, I decided to go. They had already run out of supplies but were offering a free pair of $5 earrings instead. Okay, fine, I grabbed some. Along with a fancy wine bottle, a deck of cards (didn’t really need that) and a corgi-themed Mother’s Day card. They had a lot of issues with the coupon that made me feel bad for the lady trying to wait on me. In the end, I spent $28 on “free” $5 jewelry. I am an idiot.

I also went looking for a purse for Loretta (character, not human) at a theme store and found one, so that worked out.

And after that, I went to the latest Birdstrike Theatre show, which they actually had start and run at 8 p.m. so good for them there. I didn’t write down much of what happened there, but the theme of the show as the number 8 and someone wore an actual 8-ball shirt. They did a game called “Garth” in which they came up with celebrity name rhymes and apparently it is very hard to rhyme Kim Kardashian. Other names came out as “Dildo Dragon” and “Be a dick, come on back.” Guess on those ones.
They did some Harold-ing involving two friends at a distance until one blew the other up, and two people saying their problems and then saying, “That was to the lawn.” CUT TO THE LAWN! and then the people playing the lawn were all, “These people have problems.” The finishing line was the lawn saying, “I love you. That was to the sky.”
At some point they came out with “John Han Lips On A Cock” for a “history is sexy” thing.

After that, I went home early and slept for 10 hours.

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