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Deconstruction, Day 3

2020-05-03, 7:57 p.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

I spent my morning filming The Tempest, which was fun. Snark from that event:

"Oh, I have made choices and they were bad ones." -Claire on missing cast holes
"But at least you made choices." --some guy, I forget who.
Claire on a missing cast member: "He better get his happy little butt into our zoom room."

"Claire, that's a great quarantine bard you've got there." -someone on Claire's jester hat. She said it was hard to make and she had learned many things about sewing two stretchy fabrics. I know that pain.

The girl playing Ariel (Jessica, I think? I need to learn more names before they get changed on the chat to their characters) wore a unicorn onesie with little wings on the back and a tail. ADORABLE.
"Well, that is a thing that has just happened." -Claire
"Try to gender me, Shakespeare!" -Ariel, who also broke out a stuffed bear periodically.

When a cat came into frame: "This is Wednesday. He is the scapegoat for everything in the house."

Katie played Ferdinand and there was a reference to her "very old fashioned machismo."
Katie/Ferdinand: "I drew my pointy and it scared my cat. He was all, why did you draw a sword on me? It was very pathetic."
ariel breaks out her bear periodically

Caliban, instead of hauling wood, hauled an Amazon package.
Caliban and Stephano are an in-house married couple, and coincidentally had the same giant jugs to drink out of in their scenes. They REALLY reminded me of drunken pirates, especially with Stephano's shipwreck background, which she said she was pondering using at her kid's next IEP meeting. She said something like, "I'm not the teacher at that one, I don't have to be responsible."

And Robert's background as Prospero was, of course, intellectual and perfect.

After that was over, I went back to working on The Deconstruction. I had one video to finish filming, my video on my addiction to "Pick A Card." I eventually decided that I was going to actually hold up cards that commented on the action, a la an actual reading. I did a trial run on video and then realized that (a) some of them didn't show up too well and I decided to substitute in some others that showed up better, and (b) then threw in even more cards. That might be my longest in the series, it's sixteen minutes of wanky angst.

I sort of feel bad that I'm not the kind of person who livestreamed anything (might not have worked with Zoom filming), but really, I was freaking busy, y'all. Even if I was on the 'gram, I didn't have time for it! (Note that I wrote this journal up well, days later.)

I'm very undecided if I'm going to show this show at all to anyone, or just to a few people, or to hide it on private YouTube and only pass it to known people. But given the Super Personallness of how this video went, maybe it never sees the light of day. I enjoy performing or writing or showing off or blogging or whatever, but I truly give no fucks on ever getting an audience. It's probably all for the best not to have an audience these days, really. Like sometimes I think it's a shame that nobody is reading my silly links blog except for BC (my lone reader, another naturally cranky blogger. Never met him in person but obviously we approve of each other's link blogs and he was the only person I told the location to after I had to end my old blog thanks to She Who Will Not Be Named), but fame is a bad idea these days, plus there's She Who Will Not Be Named And Is Probably In An Even Pissier Mood These Days For All I Know, etc. And really, as long as you stay off social media, people seem to have forgotten that old blogs exist.

After that, I noticed that Deconstruction was asking for a 5-minute show and tell as to what you did in the final Zoom meeting, so I quickly made a "sampler platter" video that's under 3 minutes, in which I recited a line or two from each video topic, and had a brief insane "clothing change" or wig addition for each scene, just for the lulz. I got that done in time for the meeting, huzzah. Deconstruction wants you to upload a less-than-3-minute video about what you did onto YouTube within a few days, so I'm going to use that video. I am slightly nervous about posting anything public to YouTube, but it's essentially a trailer, so what harm can that get up to?

Anyway, the Zoom meeting in which people had 5 minutes to show off projects was fun.

* One fellow made a ceramic piece, which I was impressed by. He didn't have time to get it baked, of course, which was something I was wondering about. There were two crafters in this and I did wonder how they were going to handle making the particular crafts they were going to do in 48 hours...
* One group made a miniature set with green screen special effects and "built an entire world in 48 hours."
* A family did "Light Deconstruction and Alien Spaceships." Self-explanatory, I suppose.
* Another group--they're maybe a bunch of fabrication coworkers? I'm a little unclear on their industry--did a "Slow Your Roll" of series of videos involving toilet paper, including the girl making her own with chemistry.
* The other crafter in the group had said he was going to make a T-shirt quilt. Sewing it by hand. In 48 hours. I have made a T-shirt quilt before and was thinking, "How the hell are you going to do THAT?!" Answer: he didn't, he made "an intestine." I don't know what to say about that, other than "had to be easier than sewing."
* Another group did a "high five game" in which fake hands lit up. I felt like asking if they watched the latest Simone Giertz video.
* Another solo artist interviewed musicians on the healing power of music and put them into a Power Point (which sadly she posted but not in a way that we could access).
* These are Australian artists in amazing outfits, They did a series of videos called Re-entry into Closeness about trying to get used to doing things in public again.
* These two guys were doing some kind of rhythm music about sending instructions to people to play rhythms on whatever they had on hand.
* Another guy was doing some kind of radio music remix.
* Another group was designing an app based on the "Exquisite Corpse" game.
* Another girl was doing "distance painting" from six feet away with recycling materials/using things in the kitchen on sticks.

It was a fun, intense experience.

And finally, I watched "Seekers of the Strange," which is a weekly show I've kind of had it in mind to go see at some point, but I never got off my arse and hauled ass to Sacramento to go see it. Now it's free and weekly and online, so I did it. It's a long running Dungeons and Dragons/LARP-y sort of show about people at the Seekers Detective Agency in Vegas, who run into weird stuff. While I enjoyed the live improv-y aspects of it, I haven't played D&D in years and I forgot about the utter dullness of having to take 15 minutes to roll for dexterity to find out if you shot someone or not. So while I'm glad I tried it out, it wasn't my most fun and I will probably not return to this one even though I like the idea. Then again, I am brain dead and tired from Deconstruction right now (and hungry yet sick of eating my own cooking) and that might still be having an effect.

Like seriously, I'm really proud of coming up with a one-woman show this weekend, but GODDAMN I AM TIRED OF LOOKING AT MY OWN DAMN FACE. I don't think humans were meant for that level of narcissism, y'all. It's exhausting. Really, isn't that the entire problem with Zoom, that we don't normally constantly have conversations with others while a mirror is right in our faces that we can't avoid, and we sit there scrutinizing every fucking weird thing our hair is doing? It's exhausting to constantly be seeing yourself and judging yourself and knowing that everyone else is doing same.

I have decided that I am too lazy to edit the thing--mostly there'd be a few bits I'd cut here and there but nothing really major that concerns me enough to bother to figure out editing software. I did figure out that if I plug the videos into Power Point, I can film them as all one thing on Zoom screenshare, with titles. However, I am sick of my own face right now and I can't stand to watch myself talk any more, so maybe later.

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