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Intergalactic Expo

2018-05-06, 8:41 p.m.

I went to the Intergalactic Expo, which is an event I haven’t been to in a few years. It’s a little mini-con that features all space-themed film and television. They have celebrities like um...nobody you’ve heard of really, I’ll put it politely. Like “has played Darth Vader since the nineties” (at cons, I guess? Probably not in movies?). But hey, look where they’re located. I mostly went to the shows. The costume contest was fun, there was a giant Chewbacca that they kept away from the porgs. There was a *rincess Vespa complete with hairdryer and Lone Star. There were various droids around, and Legos of say, the saclacc pit and Cthulhu’s lair.

I also saw a Comedy Sportz show, which they were doing in the morning (I got there too late and missed that one) and in the afternoon. Sadly, that was the least attended thing all day, and I’m comparing it to the “re-enact all the lightsaber battles in Star Wars” and “12-year-olds dancing with lightsaber” shows. I have been curious about Comedy Sportz but only in a mild sort of way, I read a book on it back when I was doing improv but didn’t like the whole team competition aspect of it. I’ve sort of pondered whether or not to reconsider going there instead since I can’t get on a team here.

Well, this show only had three improvisers and an umpire, so they didn’t really do teams. They also only had six people in the audience and I was the only one who didn’t know them personally already, apparently. They weren’t doing the most fun things I’ve ever seen. Like one game was “I’m going to make you rewind what you just did a bunch of times.” Unfunny. Or “waiter, there’s a (blank) in my soup.” I got some free tickets to a show, but honestly, I dunno if I’d want to spend the gas money to go. I really do like Harold/long forming improv best. I don’t think the Sportz is for me. Oh well.

As for the shopping, I picked up three self-published books by a girl I went to college with (I remember her for some reason, she doesn’t remember me) who now teaches college and writes tons of books on fandom and analyzes various geek products. I have really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Shame she lives in San Jose, she seems like the sort I should have been friends with.

I kind of wish I’d shown up in my Princess Leia costume, but I think I’m going to redo it. I accidentally destroyed the shoes and I want to get a new white dress, so...maybe next year. After I left I ran out to find the last pair of silver shoes in my size in Sacramento at the costume store.

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