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2015-05-07, 10:18 a.m.

Thursday was a weird but funny day.

For one thing, it was the staff picnic day. I can't help but notice that in the midst of OMG DROUGHT, the only days it's rained on lately tend to be ones where big outdoor events would be scheduled. (Except for Picnic Day, but I'm starting to think that since I ended up trapped indoors all day, perhaps I wasn't jinxing it?) Like say, Easter. And yesterday the day started off raining. And the event had no rain plan. They were lucky it dried up by lunchtime, but that still meant a lot of wet grass that people had to sit on. It also made their "we've ordered up sunshine!" website look kinda dumb.

I ended up having a pretty good time--I found some coworkers that don't work in the same area as me any more (they got moved to tech, the lucky buggers), so we got to have some fun conversations about the state of things today, plus we palled around on the Search For Free Crap that goes on at these things every year. I scored two free bags, a shirt, an Frisbee, a coin purse and a lanyard.

I also ....well, I will just say that at one point during my day certain anonymous people started telling me all about the crazy drugs they did when they were younger--and at least one of those people has always struck me as far too prim and proper to say, snort anything up their nose. But surprise....

And I also found out some super great stories about a now-retired coworker who apparently came into work stoned back in the day. Which led to the remark of "Is that why she kept falling asleep all the time?" As in not only under her desk, but also ON THE TOILET. And also why she had a lot of food.... They used to be really wild around here before the current management. I'm almost kinda sorry I missed the happy times.

Merry had a crap day that day, so at least I had something amusing to tell her about later. Heh heh heh.

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