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An Amusing Encounter

2014-05-08, 1:18 p.m.

I didn't go to what I was supposed to be going to last night, out of sheer exhaustion. But I had a bunch of errands that had to be done before Friday, so late that night I dragged myself out the door to pick up a few books, get some money, and hit the grocery store. That latter one got interesting.

While I was in the juice aisle picking out drinks for volunteering tomorrow night, there was an older lady in one of those scooter-chair carts. I should probably clarify before we begin here that I was in full-on tie-dye that evening. She liked my outfit and said I reminded her of something or someone and started telling me allll about the wild and wacky and drug-filled 1960's. Yup, while totally blocking the aisle for everyone else.

But it was so entertaining! She did LSD and talked about the details of that, she tried peyote because that's what you do when you live in New Mexico, I guess, and she tried cocaine and thought it was such a shitty experience that (a) despite getting it for free, she wanted her money back, and (b) she drank a lot of beers to come down off of it. She went to a Stones concert and got to grab one guy's hand--she said she should have asked him to (nail) her, but he smelled like vomit and booze. I said that part would have put me off of the nailing.

Y'all know I'm a nerd, right? A perfectly Good Girl nerd who doesn't do drugs (honestly, I'm weird enough and don't want to be arrested) and hasn't done all that much weird shit in general beyond going to Burning Man once, having weird friends and hanging out at the occasional Burner party when Merry brings me along. Oh yeah, and there was the year of polyamory in college :) Well, listening to this lady's stories was definitely a kick in the pants of "I have wasted my entire fucking life doing nothing." (Also, "yeah, even if I like the hippie aesthetic, I would have been such a square if I'd been a young adult in the 1960's.") But hearing crazy drug stories and the like was vicariously entertaining as hell, and it made me dearly wish that Merry was around to hear it too. (Can't wait to tell Merry about this later, because telling this to my mom and my boss did not go over as well.)

Beats me what she was seeing in me beyond the awesome wardrobe since I am apparently quite boring otherwise, but she wanted to talk to me again later. She couldn't remember her phone number--DON'T JUDGE, I seriously forget mine several times a year too--so I gave her mine and we shall see. I don't tend to have luck with exchanging numbers with interesting people, but this one actually lives in my town, so you never know.

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