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Rainy Mother's Day Weekend

2016-05-08, 6:45 p.m.

Here's how Whole Earth/Mother's Day weekend this year went: pretty quiet and rainy, but not too bad. I didn’t buy that much-only six things (two for mom-two sets of fancy lampwork earrings), a tie-dye funky panel skirt, a deck of oracle cards, a tie-dye book and a titanium hematite bracelet. I hung out in the art space area and tried to remember how to make a friendship bracelet, went to a lecture on how to deal with your shame issues, watched some bellydance and finally got to see a Birdstrike improv show, followed by another improv workshop. So that was fun.

I finished off the night by watching Captain America: Civil War, because god knows if you don't watch the Marvel comic movies within the weekend they come out, there's spoilage issues. It was pretty good, though not quite as shocking/mindblowing as Winter Soldier. I gotta say that the airport "civil war" scene is probably the funniest battle scene I've ever seen, especially with Spider-Man and Ant-Man in them. Brilliant.

The weather was kinda sucky for most of the weekend-it didn’t rain except at 8 a.m., but was fairly dreary most of Friday and straight up rained Saturday morning so that was a buzzkill. Really, outdoor events just aren't that much fun in the wet, unfortunately. All I did at Whole Earth on Saturday was go to Kirsten's tapping workshop again and fill her in on how I'm doing (up and down, WAY up and down this year), then left to do boring food and birthday/Mother's Day related errands before I went home.

I took Mom out for prime rib dinner and then we went to the Hawaiian festival the next day, which eventually got better weather (or at least warmer/sunnier) than the last two days. I restrained myself on shopping--bought 2 Hawaiian music CD's and two rainbow flowers for the hair for cheap and some food, Mom bought...more stuff. She had Hawaiian food and I had Filipino food, which had a lot shorter line. Then we watched some hula and music performances, one of which featured the guys who wrote/performed the "Lava" song from the Pixar short. Pretty cool moment right there to hear that.

I am happy to report that Mom was well behaved all weekend and didn't break my car this year. Huzzah! And thankfully we only briefly brought up and then dropped the current argument over whether or not I should move (she's decided I shouldn't, but too late now), so there's that.

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