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2012-05-09, 4:08 p.m.

I am ridiculously proud of myself today.

So if you haven't heard and live in northern California--or the West Coast higher up, really-- there's gonna be a viewable eclipse on Sunday afternoon of the 20th. Actually happening while I am normally awake and not at work! Huzzah!

Dawn and I (and possibly others if folks ever get back to us) are planning a driving trip to Redding/Lake Shasta to watch the whole thing. We were originally going to go in her car, but her husband is going to use it that day, so it's up to me to rent a car for it.

Now, while I love me some Zipcar, they are clearly designed to be a rent-for-the-hour sort of organization. Which is to say that renting for a full weekend day costs $77+ with tax. And actually even worse, driving for 2.5 hours up and back is going to go waaaaaaay over their allotted miles, so I estimated that the rental would cost at least $160. Argh and ugh.

Now, Jackie has been bugging me to go drive her Approved Brands Of Cars, i.e. Toyota and Honda, to see if I like them. Zipcar does not offer those models, so I have not done so. Either I should suck it up and go to a car dealership--which dear lord, I don't wanna-- or go rent some already. And since going to regular rental car places means that a full day is more like $20-30/day, I figured that now was the time. Hell, even when I am going to have to rent it for the entire weekend (naturally these places aren't open so much or at all on weekdays) rather than a day, that'll probably still be cheaper. Plus it gives me an extra day to practice in the new model of car before the big driving day in front of an audience.

I found a place in town that will rent those models of cars for cheap--and you can even buy one if you wish. The guy got back to me ASAP, there's no mileage charge, insurance is cheap for me not having it already. Huzzah!

So anyway, I am ridiculously proud of myself now for doing An Adult Thing.

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