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The Battery Died

2019-05-22, 10:19 p.m.

Well, today kinda had some suck going on.

1. My car wouldn’t start this morning, the battery died, I called AAA to give it a jump, and the guy said to drive it at 65 mph for a half hour. Which is what I was told years ago the last time this happened, so okay. I hurled myself down I-80, assuming I’d just go for a half hour and then turn around and be done with it and it was past rush hour so I should be able to do it. However, there is still traffic on the roads, and at one point it got so slow I briefly dipped down to 50, and then was all “oh fuck, did I ruin it?” I felt like I was in the movie Speed, sorta.

However, I only had enough gas in the car to drive for a half hour at all, plus I had to go to the bathroom. So at barely 30 minutes I pull into a random distant gas station, fill up the car, and then some dude decides he wants my attention and I have to fucking run for it. So much for the bathroom and thank goodness the car restarted. I drive back to work and park it, restart it again after that, it seems fine.

I go back to work, where I hear the following story from New Girl about her new hamster: Apparently she said out loud that this hamster doesn’t like to go in the ball as much as the last one in front of her 4-year-old. “What last hamster?” Uh....the one I had as a kid. “Okay.” She was all, “Four is a good age.” In other hamster news, he has a pimping house with doll furniture, though “I had to throw the toilet away because he chewed it up too much,” and also she makes sure to line his cage with the comics because “I wanted him to have something interesting to read.”

That’s it, New Girl is now Hamster Girl until further notice, especially since we are supposed to be rehiring again soon and there will most likely be another New Girl. We temporarily have another New Guy to replace GQ, who seems nice so far but we’ll see how that all goes if we are hopefully hiring someone within a few weeks. I’m told he did well at the counter today so good for him.

(Sometimes I wonder if I should have all of these aliases for work whereas I don’t tend to use them otherwise unless someone has a Googleable distinctive name. However, in the cases of Hamster Girl and GQ, they already have names that have been used in the journal by others with the same name that have been mentioned off and on, so it seemed confusing. And now I am in a play with duplicated names. Man, I dunno any more.)

Also, I find it concerning when my coworker who is in AA (she tells everybody this, celebrates her sobriety birthday, etc.) outright told us she wants a drink today. Because “people are not kind” and she is being abused by the clientele. Joy. She also tried asking our supervisor if she and I could have a private office to get some quiet and was told no, of course. Sigh.

I also heard from one of my coworkers who is out on medical leave (the one with the foot injury, not the one who’s blind) and she sounds like she is improving, at least. I said yeah, everything’s a disaster here as usual and she needs to tell us how to do her entire job when she comes back.

I was going to head to rehearsal tonight, and then guess what, THE BATTERY DIED AGAIN. I frantically called Jean and Sarah for a ride, then realized that I’d get in trouble if I left my car on campus overnight and that would cause me worse problems, so I couldn’t go to rehearsal at all. I called for another jump and then tried the 30-minute drive again...except ten minutes in I had to slow down again so in order to drive 30 minutes at 65 mph I ended up driving all the way to fucking Pinole or Richmond or something. STILL HAVING TO PEE too, though at least this time gas wasn’t an issue. But after peeing, the car kinda barely restarted and I had to give up and realize I’m going to have to get another one tomorrow. Sigh. So I am not at rehearsal OR the party afterwards, I finally slogged back through horrible traffic (driving very slowly) and got back around nine, where I am drinking up a storm. Oh well, at least that way I can donate more empty wine bottles for the play next week, so there’s....something.

I’m going back to drinking now. Whine.

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