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A Nice Day Off

2008-05-10, 10:26 p.m.

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So, this was my first Whole Earth in ages that I did not work at.

It was nice. It was fun. It was far more relaxing than my usual up-all-night, wake-up-too-early, panic-make-more-stuff crap that goes on. I laid around in bed until past when I'd have to get there to set up the booth, watched some Battlestar, then met up with my friends around 10:30.

(Mom, happily, was occupied by Aunt Susie and co. all day in SF. Yay.)

And we wandered around and shopped and had a good time. It's nice to go around with those who shop like you do. I mostly bought jewelry. I think I restrained myself a little more this year- didn't go buy at every single booth I usually buy at, tried to limit myself to buying items because I fell in love with them rather than "Oh, that's a neat style of whatnot, I must add it to the collection." Okay, I got a few items like that, but they were cheap.

Most notable purchase was another tie-dyed dress, of the blue/purple/green/spiral ilk, that lots of people liked. I also got a nifty seahorse pendant made of glass.

Did go by the CC booth and felt sad, but not terribly so. There didn't seem to be as many people as usual. Much to my surprise, Ian wasn't even there. (What the heck?!)

Dare I say it, but...I don't know if I'll ever go back to working the booth. It was a really enjoyable day without doing so, and even though I was walking around straight through from 11-6 (with food breaks), I didn't feel totally exhausted. Heck, we even went out to dinner afterwards, and I wasn't running home in a panic to make more stuff.

(Though I still wonder how the hell the hippies spend all day at the festival and then can party all night. Okay, that probably involves substances I do not partake of for that.)

So, it was lovely.

Mother's Day drama to come tomorrow....

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