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Lost and Found Phone

2013-05-10, 9:50 p.m.

On Friday, I lost my phone. Fun timing to do it on, eh?

I could pretty much pinpoint around where I must have lost it--I last used it in my favorite tie-dye booth while picking up a shirt for Mauricio, and after that, I'd hung out in the spinning guild booth with Vera from the CC for about an hour before realizing I should leave to go home and pack. However, I realized I had lost it around 6:45 p.m., as booths were packing up. I hit the tie-dye booth and asked--it wasn't there, but one of the nice folks there tried the phone and it still rang--, the lost and found (nope) and by the time I was back at the spinning booth, they'd packed up for the night there.

At this point I thought, "fuck, I need to go get a new phone, like possibly NOW if it's totally gone." Because you can't go out of town without a phone, you know. I wanted to check how late my phone carrier's store was open...except, you know, couldn't check that without net access on the phone.... so I started hiking in that direction of campus.

Happily, I ran into another spinning guild person that I know from knitting group (Alison), and she told me Vera had my phone. She called Vera to find out where she was, and eventually I found her in the parking lot.

WHEW. Oh my god, whew. I kept feeling like I was losing things for like, the next half hour after that, every time I started rummaging for my keys and stuff like that. That could have ended so much worse than it did....

Sometimes things do work out :)

As for the rest of the was the start of Whole Earth, best weekend of the year. I left work halfway through to go be a hippie, and pretty much ran into everyone I know over there at one point or another. I went around with L for a while, but she wasn't too into it and after less than an hour she wanted to go back to work. (Go figure.) I hung out in the CC booth with Monica, making jokes about how Ian's son had a ship on his pants and referring to that as the poop deck.

I met up with a coworker of mine during her lunch break to hang out, which was fun. I wish that was more doable with our respective jobs, but given the nature of "public service" and all the shifts and crap like that, it's bizarrely difficult to arrange somehow. Oh well, third time was the charm on that one. And like I said, I hung out at the spinning booth. I'm writing this way too early in the morning on Saturday to get my 750 words done and all before I leave--eventually I plan on going back to Whole Earth one last time and mostly hanging out there again.

I think I did well on purchasing stuff...but I always say that, don't I? I got two items of tie-dye clothing--a crocheted sweater(?) and rainbow shorts, and a mouse-themed shirt for Mauricio as a gift for taking Mom out for Mother's Day. I got blue feather earrings, some rocks, and a heart-shaped lucky bamboo plant(s) to replace my old dead one. Other than the tie-dye,that is pretty low spending for me...but there's another day to go and all that.

Oh, and I got a palm reading the local psychic. Well, the daughter of the original that's joined the firm, anyway.

Yup, seriously, I keep saying every year I'm gonna do it and then flake, but this year I did it. I kind of figured that given the weekend that I hope to have, I wanted to get something done, and they had palm reading going on, which I haven't really had done well before. Not sure if it was exactly going on here either...

I'm still not sure exactly how a palm reading works's not my strong skill in life, but I've at least read some books on the topic, and somehow I'd expect someone to comment on the lines while doing one rather than just....channeling whatever? She didn't say much about specific lines in my hand other than I'll probably grow to be pretty old (which I figured since other than on my dad's side of the family, 3/4 of my grandparents have the old coot genes). And that the rest of my hand lines being rather faint compared to the dominant ones meant that I was sensitive, or something like that.

She thought I was going to find love this year. I did like the ah...foretelling of love in the future...though this is me we're talking about, so no guarantees there and I'm aware that everyone would tell me that sort of thing because I want to hear it. I asked her why she thought this would be my year for that and at first she said something about now since the Mayan apocalypse didn't happen or something like that (???? I really wish they'd let you record these things, that part was freaking odd), it was a whole new year for everyone...which I thought was weird.

She thought it would be a more significant relationship than those that have come on before, perhaps drastically so..and it could be someone I already know. That one I find hard to believe since I don't know anyone IRL that I'm attracted to in my life. I thought it was interesting how she then said I needed to be more honest in relationships, because while I generally am, I used to keep my mouth shut more way back then. Like say, not objecting when a dude spent hours and hours gaming. I should have said something about them gaming at 4 a.m. instead of trying to be "the cool girlfriend" to make sure I save the relationship. :P

I am either "all in" or not at all when it comes to people in general and relationships in particular, I will have some reserve if I don't like someone. She said I'm a free spirit--well, I don't think so, but then again, I'm wearing tie-dye and am HERE for this reading, eh?

About my future career, she said it should/would(?) involve writing, blogging, music (oddly enough given my lack of guitar skills, that's the second time I've heard that one) and using my personal experiences as examples to people. (Kinda like, I dunno, writing Sedaris-ish essays, I guess?) That is pretty much what I Want to do, I just don't know how to do it for a stable income and paychecks and the like and that is where I get stumped. The facilitation of it, I guess.

Of course I need to get my chakras aligned (third eye, heart, and root have problems), which they could do for me) so I can get more...aligned with myself or less blocked or something, I forget what it was. Oh yeah, and I have a female spirit guide I should get in touch with. I don't argue with that one!

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