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First Day In LA

2013-05-11, 10:15 p.m.

Finally, I'm writing an entry.... I have free wi-fi here, a nice hotel room that I guess (according to the back door) normally goes for $399/night. Online with the 3-night deal I was getting it for $109/night, but when I got there the chick behind the counter said I could get a better deal due to the timing. I got it for $90something and only paid around $300 for it today!!! Nice bed, 4 pillows, quiet because Mom isn't underfoot.... yesssssss! And the neighborhood seems okay so far--I seem to recall reading online not to go out after dark, so I'm not, but I did walk down the block to get food and there are tons of restaurants everywhere. And as far as I could tell from the drive over, USC/where I'm going are pretty close to here walk-wise! I hung out by the pool tonight to eat dinner.

The flight here was fine. LAX didn't seem that huge/overwhelming/nuts at first, or at least it isn't in the Southwest terminal end. It was a long drive to get OUT of LAX though. And since I did book the shuttle during "rush hour" (even on a weekend apparently), we did run into some traffic jamming. As expected, at first LA traffic jam. According to the Internets, it should have been a 9 minute drive and it was something like 35-40 minutes....which is fine to go to the hotel, hopefully I can still get to the airport in a few days without being last minute late about it? It was very hazy--er, "overcast" (according to the pilot) when I arrived and windy in the airport, but driving out of it, the sun came out and there's lots of palm trees and it's not too bad so far.

I haven't been wigged out at all yet, which is amazing. Even walked down the block alone without too much terror. Dunno how that will go tomorrow when I venture farther afield, but let's hope I don't have a wigout or get mugged or anything.

I love my hotel room--it's got a cushy bed and four pillows and decent counter space and free wifi and a fridge/microwave. The bathrooms are amazingly loud (hoo boy, the toilet...not gonna flush if I pee in the middle of the night, it'll wake up half the building), but other than that, all is well! This is nifty!

(Okay, yes, I've stayed in a hotel alone before...for two weeks when I was flooded last time, even. But it's still cool!)

This morning at Whole Earth was very nice. I ended up buying two more dresses for reasonable price at a vendor who hadn't been there yesterday. I have to say, their sewing was VERY innovative and I had a hard time picking what to get. i got a skirt with a nice corset lacing waist (yet comfy) and huge pockets, which is awesome to find in girls' clothing. And I found a dress with adjustable straps AND you can gather it up at the sides a la old school kind of like this But tie-dyed, hah. I also hung out with another CC instructor and petted her baby goat (yes, she brought a goat). She did a tarot reading for me last year on this LA situation and was pleased to hear I was going.

Most of the morning, I hung out at the new spinning guild booth--yes, like yesterday except with more people. My favorite ceramics instructor from the CC, Meg, was there teaching people how to do drop spindle. I'm not super good at that, so I got some refresher lessons and a free drop spindle. I felt sad about leaving....especially a few hours later when I was in the traffic jam thinking that everyone in my town was hanging out hippie-style on the lawn right now.

But hey, hopefully there's a reason for me being here and now and missing out on WEF/Mother's Day/work/guitar lesson besides a hotel discount and convenient pickup/dropoff for L and I at the airport in a few days... But I will admit tonight that right now, I am not super concerned with what happens tomorrow yet...I am just enjoying today. I will freak out tomorrow, most likely!

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