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A Free Mother's Day

2019-05-12, 10:23 p.m.

Skipping Mother’s Day! At Whole Earth alllllllllll day and it was glorious. I texted Mom and she wrote back to say that she really had to go to the bathroom and was waiting for Roger to come unlock the door. We all waited in suspense until she made it in. I last heard they had a nice breakfast, were going to explore Auburn and she sent a photo from the courthouse.

I went around with Dawn and Loretta (though Loretta went home about halfway through) and Dawn had tons of fun shopping--bought herself three hair doodads that she grew her hair out specifically to get, a nice jacket and a nice vest. I get happy seeing people shop. I ran into Vera a few times and she was buying EVEN MORE TIE-DYE. I ended up going back and getting that duster after all, so that’s TEN items of tie-dye in one weekend. I can’t wait to wear it all week.

We went to a lecture on happiness by this guy, Edwin, who was a delight.* This link should cover it for you.. He gave out a list of “ten ways to be happy” that in some respects was similar to yesterday’s lecture by a different guy with some of the same ideas, but he mostly focused on a few things. He was very fun to listen to.

Good point he made: “Happiness is a choice, but it’s not an easy choice.”

* It occurred to me that almost everyone I’ve ever met from Nigeria is SUPER naturally cheerful (though Yemi is a normal level of chill, possibly from moving to Canada). Is it something about being Nigerian? Do they just really really love this town? I don’t know, but it seems to be a recurring thing.

I like hippies, but I do get annoyed at flaky hippies on occasion. There were a few other lectures I wanted to go to, but then the so-called presenters flaked and bailed. What the hell?

I also go to hang out and listen to Tempest, which always plays on Mother’s Day but I never get to hear them. It was all much fun. And then after that, I went over to Dawn’s house and wrapped fake gifts for the play, and she made lovely nametags.

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