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Best Mother's Day Ever

2008-05-13, 8:41 a.m.

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Well, that was the best Mother's Day ever.

Seriously! I can't believe it either!

I really think she was in a good mood because she went out with a friend to dinner on Friday, AND won an auction with tickets to Disneyland. AND my aunt and the rest of the family took her out to SF AND paid for everything AND gave her emerald jewelry. So she was already quite buttered up and feeling appreciated and spoiled by the time she got to my house, instead of doing her black-hole-of-needy thing.

Well, that and I didn't make her go to Whole Earth this year. That probably helped too. (Funny story: I actually ran into a coworker that day and she was all, "Why aren't you at Whole Earth right now?")

Anyway, I followed her around Old Sac all day while she shopped and had herself a good ol' time spending money. And was perfectly pleasant. And even liked her gifts.

Go figure!

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