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Friday the 13th

2011-05-13, 10:00 a.m.

So... what I've been hinting about and unable to talk about is that I applied for another job within my department. They finally decided to hire someone full time in the department I have been filling in with, and I gave it a shot at applying.

Didn't get it. I can't say I am surprised at this point. While I am awesome and did awesomely in the interview, I have also been doing about half of the job's requirements for like 2 months. And after finding out from another coworker this week that she applied for it a few years ago with a year's worth of experience and didn't get it then, I figured I was done for. So yeah. (Though according to said coworker, there are a lot of people with my current work status level at the office, so if they start picking people off by status level and years of employment, I am not the first one on the firing lines. So that's good.)

I will still apparently fill in here and there as backup eventually-- will lose the extra work while the newbie gets trained, but I am not getting the boot entirely on the 2-departments thing. So yay to that. I also don't get a paycut and a loss of career status (this job would have been a 3-year-contract, and oddly enough, paid less than my current one), which was the main thing I was worried about.

All things considered, things are still looking pretty good right now. Go figure.

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