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Hanging With Roger

2018-05-13, 8:52 p.m.

Mother’s Day weekend went well. I took off early from work to go to Whole Earth and bought three tie dye shirts (one a gift) and an aquarium themed shirt and a bit of shiny jewelry. Dawn took off from work and we bummed around together. On Saturday I went to an improv workshop during the festival, which was cool. Any excuse I can to do improv. I eventually left to go home and then ended up taking 2+ hours to get to Mom’s because there were four accidents on the freeway. Gaaaah.

Roger took us to dinner that night. It was fun. He had me sit in the front seat and apologized to me for not having freshly shaved because he was distracted about buying a new truck, then took us to go visit said truck before he buys it. Then we went out for Mexican food. I wasn’t too into the food (why would you melt the cheese in the salad?) but Roger had a lot to say. He warned me that he may digress on a topic and then he always comes back, and he did. It was like a Russian nesting doll, like going 5 layers in and then coming back up. (Or alternately, like you’re reading Cloud Atlas.) I heard about his treatment for prostate cancer (I think he thought the science was cool), weird things his college professors said, the time his son gave an introduction to a favorite author/professor of his, birthdays, stuff about the security levels at his work, being semi-retired and how that works, etc. Mom said he talked more than she does and wow, that was accurate! She listened so well!
Anyway, I enjoyed hanging out with him and he can come along whenever he likes as far as I’m concerned.

On Sunday, we had a slow morning, she got gifts (oddly enough her favorite was a random cookbook I found at the grocery store at the last minute), we eventually went to the Hawaiian festival and she shopped like hell and bought bags and bags. I bought like, the food and one bag she wanted. I think I have done bought everything I want there without actually being able to go to Hawaii. After that, we went out to one restaurant that supposedly had a Hawaiian menu in May. I still don’t think I actually like anything I’ve eaten at this place yet. Oh well. Mom came out happy and WHEW to that.

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