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Improv 301 Graduation Performance

2016-05-14, 11:32 p.m.

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I am pleased to report that our 301 graduation performance went well, with Brian bragging that we were one of the best classes he ever had and he was impressed with us. Huzzah! As for me, after Thursday's debacle, I was just happy words came out of my mouth on stage. Hah hah.

Apparently due to time constraints we were only going to do partial Harolds--first and second rounds and one group scene.

First group:
Monologue a: two girls and their dads are on a camping trip, they both need to poop, and the nearest bathrooms are 1.5 hours away. Apparently they got told to poop in the nearest river....? “I think that’s the day we really became best friends, there’s your turd floating….”
Monologue b: Girl was drinking wine in the car before getting a bikini wax.
Monologue c: This fellow's day had been eventful--he'd been doing a presentation on psychological trauma for work and then he ran over a squirrel on the way over here.

Set 1A: making friends while in the bathroom stalls (good one)
Set 1B: two guys consuming wine, weed, and meth before going in for bikini waxes, then finding out it's "DIY Wednesdays." Yes, some leg lifting occurred on stage.
Set 1C: A drunk driver hit a squirrel and "You broke my nerves!" and the squirrel chews her out for that. "I know what it's like to eat fermented fruit..." The driver threatened to finish what she'd started.
Group scene: Woodland animal group therapy! I loved how the snake slithered in off the back line. There was an antelope hit by a car (note: this was the guy who hit a squirrel--also he's had a whopping shoulder injury throughout class so that sight gag is making things even funnier), a bear that sleeps too much, the tick's just here to drink your blood, the housecat is just watching and doesn't give a shit.
Set 2A: this wasn't quite analogous--turned into talking about life insurance policies and 401ks ("nobody knows what that is") on the battlefield.
Set 2B: still waxing, now on to chest hair.
Set 2C: Intervention with woodland animals.

Brian’s notes on this afterward:
* Set A's second scene was not really analogous
* Don’t play drunk with not really knowing what’s going on
* “We just needed a bit more wax. Never gave that note before.”
* If you time dash squirrels he wanted to expand on it, intervention was time dashing
* “Did you know PT cruisers kill more squirrels?”-Brian wanted her to give her the business more
* Animal therapy: all needed to have a problem (other than the tick), the cat should care
* Edit on a laugh, not after the laugh ends

Then came the group I was in:

Monologue a: me on how I got over being a picky eater and learned to love eating sushi
Monologue b: she fell by a toilet--honestly, I got distracted trying to come up with a scene idea at this point and missed some details of that.
Monologue c: this guy's girlfriend works at some restaurant and was telling him about the 20 foot cheese strings they have there. They consider this to be a problem, but the guy thought this would be a cool thing to sell.

Set 1a: "Cheese squad" uses cheese as weapons, cheese bullets being shot into the mouth, using giant cheese as a bludgeoning device
Set 1B: my scene and my idea: as a dare, eating random food in an abandoned restaurant and barfing. "This celery has fur?" (Me with my gag reflex...I was kinda thinking, is this a real good idea for me to be doing here? not really, but that's the one idea I got....)
Set 1C: using sausage brots as construction materials. One dude had to ask what a brot was.
Group scene: Literal cattle call auditions to play cows. (I should probably point out that our team name was "Udder Fun.") One guy quoted "To be or not to be," I wanted vengeance on the guy who tipped me, and the third yelled, "You can't handle the milk!"
Set 2A: more cheese weaponry
Set 2B: my scene partner's idea was that we went to the hospital while sick and then I wanted to do dares about consuming random drugs while there. What opiate is that? I totally mangled a pronunciation, because that's funnier. Then I got a drug from someone else to sniff, which was super fun to act out.
Set 2C: the brot fence got eaten by cows.

Brian's notes after that:
* More monologue details: should get 2 ideas per monologue.
* Cheese scenes: There’s a lot going on in this crazy cheese inception world of cheese CIA. Played crazy world super smart. Blended brots and cheese, kinda.
* Refrigerator roulette—label what it was after (thought I did), thought time dash was ok, he would have had us doing drug roulette at home instead, be specific.
* Finish the fence with brots. “This entire world was fucking crazy.” Played smart. If you don’t know what it is, ask!
* He thought the group scene could have gone longer (I agree, that was fun).

Anyway, he thought we did a really good job!

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