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2004-05-15, 9:11 p.m.

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After Whole Earth, I was dead tired and could have used a weekend's vacation off. Alas, I had to go back to work and classes, and things have been busy as all hell.

Monday: Had crochet class, where the teacher procured me a hat pattern. It's the style I want, but it's supposed to have a bunch of rags put into it. I didn't particularly want to do that, but finding a crochet pattern with a big enough hat brim has been hard enough, so I think I'll just adapt it somehow.

Tuesday: skipped out at lunch to the yarn store to buy yarn for the hat, and managed to find thick red and purple yarn. Go me.

ASL class was today, and it went pretty well. Seems like the less the teacher goes into, the better I'm doing? Hard to tell, but I actually learned some stuff. She was getting on us all to go to ASL events. Now, I had this link from my previous class, when the previous teacher passed it on. Just for kicks, when I got home I checked it. And there was an actual in-town event- an ice cream social. I posted it on the class mailing list, and much to my surprise, one girl (Suzy) was interested in going. Suddenly, I felt nervous.

Wednesday: Staff picnic day at work. Two hours off, yummy fried chicken goodness for lunch. Kind of boring after that though, as the only activities around involved buying raffle tickets, and I hadn't brought my wallet. So I went back to my office and... god, almost everyone was still there. Free food and two hours off and they all stay in the office?! Weird.

I ended up spending the free hour working on that zine of mine, Whirlwind Brain. There's now an introduction and an article up, even. Go me.

Wednesday is also CC night. Activities that evening included trying to teach one of the other girls to crochet a chain, buying a CC T-shirt with the words spelled out in fingerspelling and "Use Your Hands" written underneath, and purchasing a cute little fish from my manager. She has a show up in the gallery area of the CC where she's showing off sea and fish-painted fabric and ceramic fish, and I bought one to get after the show's over. The little fish all came with birth certificates and personalities. I bought "Maurice the Space Cowboy." So cute!

Thursday: Peyote class today, did an amulet bag. Or in my case, buggered up the amulet bag a few times. Thankfully this was the one class where I didn't have to go anywhere immediately afterwards.

Friday: Had a computer class all day long for work, which was frustrating. There's two computer teachers there and I keep drawing the one I really don't learn well from. He's a nice guy, but he goes through things at the speed of light and it's damned hard to keep track of what he did. You look down for two seconds and suddenly he has five new boxes open on the screen and you have no idea how he did it. One of our former temps was in the class today too and she confirmed it wasn't just me having a problem with him. I feel like I'm wasting my time to take his courses, and I have two more to go. (Though he did say he was going to be doing some out-of-town jobs in the next few weeks, so I can hope he doesn't draw my classes.)

Since we got out early from that, I went to a jewelry show my career counselor was having. It was quite fun, and I got three pairs of nice earrings. One key and lock pair, one pair with Saturns on them, and a pair of Swarovski crystal drops that match one of the bead pendants I got last weekend. We had a lovely gossip while I was there too. She's so dang cool.

Friday night I was too tired to do much, so I stayed home and listened to April Winchell on the radio. I got to hear her horrible father story, which was hilarious and I am telling it to everyone I talk to. (Hey, I donated money, and she hasn't gotten to putting it on the site yet.) When she was about 8 or 9, her mother went away for the weekend and her dad spent that time (a) shopping for Mom's favorite flowers in bunches and (b) getting wasted. Anyway, April's been listening to records when her dad calls her in to tell her that they got a phone call and her mother is dead. There's flowers and mourning candles all over. She's been in the house and knows there has been no phone call. Her dad's so nuts and she's so used to it she's all like, "Um, okay." Dad goes on to tell her about how hard it's going to be and that he misses her so much already he's got her mother's underwear on. And he shows this to her.

"Um, okay Dad, I'm going to go listen to more records now." I still want to know what happened when April's mom came home and proved she was alive and wanted her panties back.

Saturday: Long, busy day today. First up was my glass beadmaking class, which was brilliant. I am so loving the instructor this time. He's slow enough, gives you very useful tips, gives you practice time, he rocks. I wish I'd taken beginning glass when he was teaching it (he started up again this year). He even offered to work with us privately if we wanted to for free, I think I'll have to take him up on that if I want to play with glass again. As for my beads, I had one come out good enough to actually put into a project, another one that would have gone into a project had it not cracked, one that wouldn't come off the mandrel and one that did but was pretty lopsided. Oh well!

Next class was wire jewelry, where we made a wire bracelet made up of little links and talked about crazy parents, politics and astrology. My manager's mom, Geri, had a crazy mom and was telling us about how her mom wanted to get famous, so I had to share the April story with her. This kind of migrated into talking about astrology, and Geri said she has done charts for people. She did charts for her parents and saw that they both had rotten futures- in three years they were going to lose their money and die. She didn't tell them that, of course- she said for them to have a whole lot of fun in the next three years and spend all their money. Sure enough... I was all, "Can you do mine?" It makes me wonder enough to debate paying for a custom chart for myself to see how my future comes out if those things are that good. (Wonder if I'd get confirmation that I am really meant to be alone?)

After that, Suzy and I went to the ASL ice cream social. We were both pretty nervous about going. Turned out tons of people were there, families and such, and it wasn't all Deaf folks either. A few actually said hi and attempted to chat with us and our limited vocabularies. Mostly we just watched and tried to figure out what was going on. Quite an experience.

After that, I bought henna. I plan to have a relaxing day tomorrow adorning myself and lounging around the couch all alone. Whee! I need to collapse!

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