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Another Weekend Update

2006-05-15, 2:43 p.m.

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So, how was Whole Earth this year?

Well, the shopping report: I hardly got any jewelry this year, and got a freaking ton of (mostly tie-dyed) clothing. I really do seem to be on a clothing bent these days.

* one tie-dyed mandala tank
* one tie-dyed shirt for Jess
* two tie-dyed dresses
* one tie-dyed cotton velvet tank
* one tie-dyed cotton velvet skirt
* one patchwork skirt
* one tie-on sweater

* one dichroic pendant
* one dichroic earring set
* two little ceramic dish pendants

That's it.

Still, as per my usual, I spent a freaking ton. Luckily for me I got my tax refund check, and made over $150 working at WEF. Yup, that's my best year ever, right there! In the end, the dent isn't THAT bad in my checking account halfway through the month...right? RIGHT?! *crosses fingers*

I do hate how I'm so tired after WEF, though. I hear there's some parties going on, but I'm too tired to do jack shit after working all day at it. I come home and practically drool in my chair, not to mention go to bed way too early. I normally do stuff like grocery shopping, dishes, taking out the trash, and picking up some crap in my room on the weekends, but I sure didn't this one.

I need to get back to doing other projects now that WEF is over, though. Like my knitting, which has sadly been neglected. And dammit, I NEED TO WORK ON THAT DANG NOVEL. I deliberately signed myself up for the "featured writer" spot in mid-June at writers' group in order to force myself to turn something in.

I had my last caretakers group meeting today. Which got into discussing Mom and her psuedo-boyfriend drama- apparently his girlfriend finally had the long-awaited yelling at him for hanging around with Mom too much session on Saturday. The word from Mom is that she and M discussed this on Sunday, but I don't know what went down during it yet.

Anyway, the shrink pointed out that no single guy would want to get involved with Mom's situation, and thus she attracts people who are um... having issues. Though she did say that Mom could probably do well with dating a guy whose wife is in a similar state to Dad. That'd be nice, I think. But until then, I guess that's why she puts up with psuedo-boyfriend drama.

As for ME...well, it was the group consensus that I should be dating older men. Such as, late 30's men. Or even, 40-year-old men. Why? Because they are more likely to have had to deal with a sick relatives situation, or are a parent, and thus would be more sympathetic to my crap.

I hear "40-year-old man" plus "dating" and I think of all of the skeezebuckets over the years who have gone for me because I look barely legal. EWWWWWWWWWW. Sweet Jesus, no. I usually say I'd go to about 10 years ahead of me, but really I'd probably prefer 28-35-year olds or something.

And I know realistically that someday I'll most likely end up being some poor unlucky kid(s)'s psuedo-stepmother, because the older I get, the lower the number of guys who haven't had kids already are. I accept that. If the kid(s)'s older, and the dude doesn't insist that I bear him more children, I could probably deal as long as I'm not a major parental authority figure.

But still...damn, aren't I too young for that stuff?

Not that anyone's offering, mind you. I just thought it was weird.

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