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Manifestation Update, Halfway Through

2009-05-15, 4:27 p.m.

Followup from here: how's it going?

Well. Fair to middling, I guess. I ended up scrapping the "draw an item per day" thing because after awhile I stopped being able to remember them all during meditation. So I have about nine drawn items.

* Blue feather
* Bead
* Fairy toy
* Playing card
* Skein of storebought yarn
* Rice Krispie Treat
* Picture of a tree
* Front page of the New York Times
* Kettle corn

Items Definitely Manifested Within This Time Period, With Photographs As Proof:
* Beads, found in the grass one day.
* Pictures of trees.
* Rice Krispie Treat, for sale at a craft fair.
* The front page of the New York Times. This one was particularly funny because it showed up in a mailing list e-mail, personalized, the next day. I had to laugh.

I should probably count kettle corn in this too, as I spotted a random bag with that label on it in the grocery store (but did not buy it).

Items That I Have Had No Sign Of Whatsoever, Pretty Much (see below):
* fairy toy
* playing card
* skein of storebought yarn

As for the rest of it...well, things are questionable. I end up having to ask myself these questions, such as:

(a) Does it count as manifesting a blue feather if one gets the bright idea to look for pictures on the Internet of what she wants to manifest, one of which would be a blue feather?
(b) If say, one draws "a bead" on a day where she's already doing beading and working on that stuff in her own house, does that count as manifesting it 'cause it's already there?
(c) Or does it count if you had to go out and buy some beads? (Ended up finding the strand of beads pretty soon after this one.)
(d) One of the things on my list is a "picture of a tree." And I found one in a cafe on Saturday. So did that just get pre-manifested even though I didn't draw it out of the bag and consciously try to yet?
(e) Does this count as a "blue feather" if only a bit of it is blue?
(f) Does it count as a "blue feather" if I keep seeing a lot of blue jays in the last few days, but so far they aren't shedding beyond the two semi-blue feathers I found?
(g) I had a dream where some criminal actually deliberately flashed a playing card at me. Does that count?
(b) Reading this and thinking, "Dude, I thought that sort of thing would happen to me." This doesn't count either, right?

So: conclusive results? Not so good. I don't really know what to make of this.

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