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2020-05-17, 10:33 p.m.

I had a very blech-y night in which I dreamed that the quilt and yarn shops were moving and I couldn't go over there, so I drove around the empty streets of Winters. God, I hate dreams so much. Why am I dreaming this weekend? I must be getting too much sleep. Guess I'll remedy that over the workweek.

Cast party was pretty short and had about five people at it. I think at this point those folks have now become an Executive Committee or something, as we're going to help Claire on doing the various things for the production. I said I'd do the emailing and the Doodle poll-ing, and thus signed myself up to play Beatrice in Much Ado, BECAUSE I COULD, DAMMIT, and a while ago we were all having a conversation in which everyone wanted to play Beatrice and I was saying I'd never get cast as it. Muahahahah. Linda was invited and didn't show up and then emailed me later to say oops, I forgot that was East Coast time. I finally decided to just email both Claire and Linda and hope something works that way. Linda did say she has ideas for more positive, non-Shakespeare, public domain plays she could pass on, which Claire could certainly need since finding other public domain stuff has gone rather bleech-y and it's ridiculously expensive to try to do anything else, per the meeting. I hope this works out. God knows me matchmaking friends hasn't done too much in the past, but I think this would be a good one, you know?

I do think this workshop with David Crabb may be the best storytelling workshop I've ever done. He talked about how vague prompts are hard to work with and suggested that we work with art and media that we were inspired by. I had a LOT of ideas inspired by karaoke, lemme tell ya, and I did a brief rundown of this night in particular, which David liked, especially the scene of talking to a Higher Power in the car. He said he imagined it raining and I said actually, yeah, it was raining...hah. He also liked my "crazy lady" story from the last open tell. I shall enjoy the open tells in the future, I think.

As for other folks, Kayla told the story of the time she called the cops on her stepfather for threatening someone with a gun. She also mentioned at one point that her mother told her that if she was so suicidal, why doesn't she just get a knife and slash her throat right now? I know it's not appropriate to say, but I blurted out "I hate your mom." She was all, "She's all right, she's going through things." David's more tactful answer was "I'm excited for your trip" and I was all, "I'm excited you live somewhere else."

I was also amused that Alan, the Canadian, said that watching "The OC" (especially during snowtime) inspired him to move to California. I was all, then how did you end up in SF instead of SoCal? and he said, "They don't tell you that on the Wikipedia page."

I have finished blocking and photographing the Arne and Carlos Knitalong Vest.

I am trying to distract myself tonight since The Emos hit and I noticed the poster while walking around the house for exercise. A year ago, we were starting Tony n' Tina's Wedding, according to the poster I have on my wall. How a year has changed since then. How are the mighty fallen. I sent some emo email to the cast, because tonight has become Emo Sunday, apparently. Blech. I keep wanting to break into tears today but am trying to halt it. I am doing a pretty good job of stopping the tears these days, I managed to not cry during class today, for example.

Today's viewing: This quality production of The Tempest, with a woman as Prospero. (Mentioned it to Robert, but my impression is that he's still asleep/possibly hungover from whooping it up for Janene's birthday yesterday...he texted me after the cast party was over saying as much!) I highly recommend it and I think it's online for another week or so? Very well done, love the acting. Definitely prefer this one to the version Robert sent me, I love this Prospero and Miranda and Ferdinand, and the latter are so cute together!

This was followed up by this version of Much Ado with all African-Americans, which looks absolutely delightful and forceful and sassy (sorry, I had to, Beatrice is sassy regardless of her skin color). This is quite a production: there's a "STACEY ABRAMS 2020" sign on the lovely house, the soldiers walk in with protest signs saying stuff like "I AM A PERSON" and the ladies are singing modern songs, and those who aren't soldiers are in casual wardrobe. I love how Beatrice is all, "Signor BeneDICK." Go, girl.

Oh, I love their masquerade ball scene. Love it, love it. Also, at one point Benedick is randomly dancing on his knees while hiding behind a bush. Meanwhile, Beatrice is crawling around through the audience during her eavesdropping scene. I wonder how we'll handle it on our show? Maybe I'll have to use a fan or something to hide behind.

OMG THE GUYS PLAYING THE WATCH IN FLUORESCENT HATS LOOK SO STOOPID. Though i don't think Dogberry comes off as ridiculous as usual--she actually seems pretty dignified until the "I am an ass" bit.

Seriously, it's right up there with the David Tennant/Catherine Tate and Alexis Denisof/Amy Acker versions as a top favorite. This one is so joyful and fun, until well, the plot isn't.

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