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Team Meeting

2018-05-18, 8:55 p.m.

So we had the team meeting with the big boss. Basically, she handed out a list of expectations (be nice and cheerful and helpful, don’t gossip...that sort of thing), and then gave us some problem solving thing off the Internet about making sure you solved problems once they went below the waterline, once they became a pebble or a boulder or a log. That analogy was a bit weird.

What I didn’t like was her saying that you get three days to decide whether or not to report something, and if you don’t by then, get over it. I kind of felt like that was directed at me even though I’m sure that wasn’t. I didn’t EVER intend to report until things went publicly insane, I didn’t want to cause problems or BE a problem. My boss asked me how I felt about it afterwards and I didn’t know what to say, other than “I’m not reporting anything short of a straight up dam.” And I also said that well, I don’t think we can resolve problems by talking them out. Maybe once in a while if you are dealing with someone sane, but if you’re not…

The big boss did say she wasn’t into touchy feely team building things, so that’s hopeful.

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