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Open Tell #2

2020-05-20, 10:49 p.m.

Well, we have received an email response from Vinnie. a.k.a. That70'sScott. It was typically... him: saying that he's out of jail, something about a Mexican Beer Disease so he got let out, maybe they were tired of listening to him sing Frank Sinatra, Loretta's still mad, and they took away his sword "something about poking my eye out...." or maybe that's a BB gun? I vaguely debated responding that Loretta would keep him quarantined in the garage or basement or wherever you'd stick a guy in NYC, but...nah, that's pretty obvious :P

My dentist is also reopening next week (sigh), but at least went into Great Detail about all of the safety protocols that they will be doing, unlike the periodontist. sigh.... Well, I have no choice on dental visits really (that, like getting shots in my arse, is "consequences are worth possible death" territory really with genetically awful teeth), but at least they weren't like, acting like "Business As Usual!" about it. So there's that. Of course, I guess we'll see if that actually happens before the next public shutdown. My HMO also sent out a detailed email, specifying several times that everyone should be wearing masks. I guess I'll check that one come July. And SpeeDee Oil sent... recommended driving trips?! What are you, nuts?

In other news, Grandboss is no longer needed on grandbaby babysitting duties (because babysitters are opening up in Ohio!) so instead of flying home, she's taking the train across Washington to see the other grandchildren.

I don't have much to say about work today: mostly I watched Coworker Sarah rewrite a document she found and Tigress kept trying to get me to say things. Whatever. I knitted a lot. I am trying to concentrate but maintaining 8 hours of concentration on work a day, especially when half of it is training instead of Getting Shit Done, is difficult.

We have scheduled the first Dropping Bombs meeting for Sunday at four, which works ;) Kudos to my work for giving everyone unlimited Zoom accounts so I can also hog it for my personal life and theater and not just 4 hours a day of Tigress training.

After work was great fun, I went to the open tell for Story Studio again. I was disappointed that David Crabb, my instructor from the weekend, wasn't there this time, as I had been looking forward to actually doing one of the stories I talked about with him. Cyndi the host/instructor did film it for me to send to him if I like, though, so that was sweet. I'll probably send it on. I did do the "Here I Go Again"/"Is This Love" story and Cyndi loved it and apparently it relates to her own life somehow. Whenever she sends me the email (fingers crossed that happens) with the recording, I'd love to ask her more about that, she said something about a one woman show? I think we've hit it off and she's very good at nailing your story issues. Cyndi said it was "adorable, absolutely charming, love the lyrics, love the singing," and was disappointed that it didn't end in "and then we got married." ("I wish!" I said, spouting that out of the blue... clearly I have watched too much Pick A Card claiming we're gonna get engaged/married lately. Like seriously, not even in the same anything as that question really.) She noted again that recent stories can be hard, that this is a story about intuition, which I agree with. It's about having doubts and then regaining your confidence in what you believe...even if coronavirus is once again fucking with that. (So tired of going back and forth.), and that hopefully in a year this will be different, because until I'm in the real world again I probably won't know anything. Sad but true there... but "real world" isn't gonna exist for us for a long, long time. Three years, says Wendy the Psychic.

Other stories that night:
(a) A lady whose infant got diagnosed with several issues at birth, and she basically said to God that she was Not Having It with that hole in the heart business, and then the next day that suddenly cleared up.
(b) A guy who got into a fender bender, stupidly got convinced (at age 23) to keep it off the insurance books and got ripped off, got told that he could theoretically go to the FBI about it and when he did, he got arrested for a parking ticket his roommate racked up in his name.
(c) A guy who had a budding love connection with a fellow geek, who then told him they were going too fast when he wanted to hold her hand after 3 weeks, and then lied and said that her grandmother was sick and then proceeded to blog a photo of herself with her grandmother looking fine.... Happily, he met his future wife after that one. Very How I Met Your Mother.
(d) A lady in India who got her purse stolen, who started out with the line, "Some people go to India for enlightenment, I go for the shopping."
(e) A chick whose mother couldn't be arsed to even hang around school long enough to see her kid get an award. What a little shit.

After that, I did rehearsal for Much Ado with Robert (playing Don John this time) and his friend Coleman, who I guess used to be in the Winters(?) crowd before moving to go to Caltech. She is playing Benedick and even after Robert left early, we had a great time and hit it off and chatted for a while afterwards. Huzzah! We talked about the pain in the assed-ness of academia (like she has to use a pen name for theater, basically, so nobody bitches her out for using the same name for her math career) and the time she went to a James Franco acting class and that was just as weird as you'd think it would be and then she did not want to do the infamous sex scene class. She thought I was very good at acting and is baffled as to how I wasn't getting anywhere before. (Me too.) I told her how I would never be cast as Beatrice and she said "I think you're perfect for it." And also she thought I was beautiful in Tempest. Awwwwww! Fun quotes from here were stuff like, "I'm kinda ridiculous, why not?" Awesome. I love meeting new friends who are friends of other friends! So thrilled.

She also likes the idea of a storytelling show--I need to get around to sending Doodle polls about this stuff to see if anyone's into it.

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