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Mean Girls, Arts and Crafts, and Freaky-Ass Dreams

2004-05-21, 6:52 p.m.

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I am in a super good mood.

I had a computer class today that my boss was also taking. Much to my relief, we got a GOOD teacher this time, and class was easy. Plus, she told me to go home early after the class got out at 4:10! So I took off to the movie matinees and saw Mean Girls.

I had my doubts about seeing this given the subject matter, but IT IS SO GOOD. OH MY GOD, IT IS SO GOOD. Joss Whedon worked the high-school-is-hell metaphor, Tina Fey works the high-school-is-a-jungle one. This is so good and so funny and so makes-a-point excellent. The ending, I was kvelling. I think every girl should see it. Hell, I think preteens need to be shown it as a warning. Tina Fey desperately needs to win some kind of prestigious screenwriting award for this one.

And as I walked home, I suddenly felt the desperate need to do the Plastic Walk. Which was kinda difficult when my hair hasn't been redyed in months, I was wearing pants and flat sandals instead of a skankskirt and three-inch-heels (both of which are at Dave's, sigh), and besides that, I' But I could still walk home like that in my imagination!

I got some exciting news on my CC shift. One of the Craft Center teachers (one of the Stuarts) asked me for my e-mail. He is talking with some store (or gallery? Guh, I forget, I was too "EEEEE!" in my head) in Pasadena about showing his work, and I guess the owner asked him if he knew anyone else. So Stuart recommended me! (And according to the list, my glass beadmaking teacher, another glass beader, and I don't know the other guy)He said he hadn't seen anyone do what I do before. I was SOOOOO flattered. The dude is coming into the CC during my Wed. night shift next week, so he said to bring representative samples of my work and we'll see if he likes it.

Oooooh. Soooooo excited. Sooooooooo excited. I have to figure out what representative samples of my work ARE.

And speaking of the CC, they came out with their summer schedule. I have pretty much already decided to take Flash animation (Tuesday nights, fuckload of money but now I'm entitled to a FREE! class), knitting (Wednesday nights), and Ukrainian egg dyeing (one Saturday). Possible/probables include advanced glass beadmaking (two Thursdays) again and stained glass jewelry (I forget when, think a Saturday or two). I don't really know jack about stained glass jewelry- it's a new class entirely, and I'm not sure if I'd have to have more glass experience than just beads in order to do it. Have to ask around at some point- would have asked my manager, but she was training her replacement all night. Am looking at a few other things too but doubt I'll do them.

I have to plan this carefully, not to mention pick out a night I can volunteer on. Right now I'm thinking Monday nights looks good. Alas, whatever night I work on I will 100% be guaranteed to have potluck duty. My manager told the new guy that the head manager is really ticked at her for not making us all cook and share, so he'd better reinstate it. Dammit. Wish I could try for a weekend shift, but I'm having enough issues with Saturdays of late and they aren't open Sundays in the summer.

Above all, I think I need to try to watch my tendency to completely fucking overload myself the way I did this quarter. Try to leave one weeknight mostly free, at least. It should help that when the EC catalog comes out (not till the 7th) they usually don't offer much I want to take during the summer, and definitely no ASL is going to be offered when they divide the classes into 2 6-week sessions. The only thing I think I would possibly take would be if a certain journaller is doing a writing class again, but I don't think she is. So I'm fairly sure I won't have to worry about adding EC classes on top of CC ones, other than dance anyway.

Heather was supposed to be taking some ASL class during the summer at an actual JC, but I haven't heard anything from her about that and I kind of suspect that might not work out. I wanted to take it too if she was going to because they're all out of town and I could at least get a ride, but the classes all have awkward timing. The nearest school is a 4-day class, which ain't no way she can do, and the other two schools offering are like T-Th or M-W or something.

At any rate, she and Cowboy Chris have become Official Boyfriend and Girlfriend, so I think she be busy :) I'm happy for her, he seems to be a good egg even if he lives with his parents and isn't a college boy (the last two are now uh, red flags to me), at least he's employed. Not to mention nice enough to drive all over the valley trying to get Heather a second set of car keys after she lost hers yesterday. How nice is that?

(The following disgusting diversion was prompted by watching Joan of Arcadia, which is REALLY FUCKING FREAKY tonight. Be forewarned, there's some gross.)

I am having the freakiest dreams this week. I've been trying to go to bed right at 11 (i.e. "if I get in bed before 11:30 I'm doing good") for a couple weeks since Whole Earth wiped me out, and in return I am actually having/remembering dreams. Which SUCKS.

Tuesday night's dream...let's just say it involved gross bodily functions and leave it alone. Wednesday night's dream may have even been worse. A sex dream about Alfred Bester, Psy-Cop, only he was a midget and we were getting it on in this dorm. Even in the dream I was all, "Why am I doing this?!?!?!" I think this may be a sign that I am watching way too much Babylon 5. Though come on, couldn't I have had a dream about oh, Marcus Cole? Or Sheridan? Or any of the hot chicks, even? Alas, I am far more likely to have sex dreams about people I would run screaming from than uh, any other kind. Why?!

As for last night, I had two dreams. In the first one, Claire and Josh had moved to California instead of Chicago and we were all tooling around in a car. Claire went into somewhere or other and left Josh and I in the car, and we got into a fight and he said he hated me and I stomped out of the car and called Claire to complain about him. The next dream, however, was about some imaginary hot guy I seemed to be dating. Well, finally, one guy dream that wasn't creepy, involving strange celebrities, or involving me being a dirty cheater.

I still hate dreams, though. Can you blame me?

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