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You Deserve This, You Five Week Flake

2019-05-23, 1:00 p.m.

On the e-mail front: nothing from the professor but DID hear from my castmates. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Mark’s cast party will happen anytime soon (he’s now all “end of summer? a year from now?” which makes me sad), but Linda did express interest in karaoke or “wedding happy hour” or other get together things and keeping up connections and I was all YESSSSSSSSSSS LET’S. And we got an article in their newspaper, which is sadly not online but I may have to drive out and get it or something.

Maria was talking about makeup making a huge difference on a woman’s face today. I proceeded to show her my cast photo (i.e. one where I actually have some on) and she thought it made a difference, I did not since really all you see is the lipstick and despite having my glasses off and putting on enough eye makeup to look like a hooker, somehow that didn’t really show up. (Still looks good, mind you, but I don’t look so good that I look like someone else hotter.) She thought it did, I don’t think it did...who knows.

CC news tonight: while at work, I got an e-mail blast from Campus Rec claiming that our registration for summer opens tomorrow instead of a month from now. I immediately e-mailed Jared about this. Tonight I found out that when he complained to them about it, they refused to send a correction because “we have to pay for every e-mail.” OH COME ON, this is the dumbest shit I’ve heard outside of my own job. Some people have come in tonight expecting to sign up tomorrow. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the one other regular full shift person has totally failed to show up or notify anyone of not showing up tonight. There is one person who has been filling in and working till 7:30 (bless), but after he left I’m the only one here and people kept coming every 30 seconds. I felt like I was at work again and TOO MANY PEOPLE PLEASE STOP, and wanted to whine, “Why am I always the only one here?” and then remembered that I haven’t been here for five fucking weeks and I deserve this.

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