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Virtually Maker Faire

2020-05-23, 11:03 p.m.

It's Virtually Maker Faire today! Too bad I was exhausted and slept until 11 when the Lawn Guys came (I slept through two Zoom lectures, oh well, one was on social media anyway so it was going to bug me and the other was on mask making), so I have been trying to keep track of all the videos and whatnot. Good lord, there is a lot to keep track of. Like an actual Maker Faire, in my experience, or at least the GIANT one they used to have the one time I went...three years ago now, maybe?

*virtually pours out a bit of wine for Maker Faire as it was*
*but is grateful we got something now*

I found it extremely hard to keep track of it all. I ended up basically keeping track of the links of the videos that were streaming live to watch later. I had issues with keeping up with the Zoom meeting stuff--both because of me being sleepy, things running late (some folks were kinda all "oh, fuck it, who cares if I run late?), etc. Here's the stuff I did, though.

I watched another Zoom meeting on mask making by a lady from my town (I don't know heR but now I'm curious).
(a) If you have "fashion fabrics," i.e. not quilting, only use it as the outside layer of 3 layers
(b) Wash wash wash your fabric as HOT as you can do it (well, I can't do that without going to a laundromat, so NO)
(c) If you embellish on a mask, only put it on the outside layer.
I seriously just break. my. brain. on masks though. Getting bias tape! Using elastic off your underwear! Don't use polyester, it's uncomfortable! The pleats! The folds! Installing wire! Just...I can't, y'all, I can't. I fail as a pandemic crafter.
If you want the instructions from it, here's the Google Drive:

I went to another Zoom discussion on being an inventor with two ladies. I love the idea of a rideable unicorn that pooped jelly beans when someone tweeted at it. On a related note, one of them was wearing a shirt that said "#Hashtag or it didn't happen." I watched another one on "companion bots" which was ADORABLE AND NOW I WANT ONE AND I AM NOT SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE THAT. The tech info whooshed over my dumb head, sadly. Though this article makes it sound a whole lot creepier. "Oh, it's just my robot," one of them, Angela Sheehan, said, about seeing other people's pets and feeling bad that she doesn't have one... but hey, she has a robot!

Then Mom called. She was doing laundry and was bored. I was mostly out of energy to entertain her. She asked me what food I'd eat after quarantine was over and I said don't ask me that, I feel like it's never going to be over and that doesn't help. (Also I'm just trying to not drink or eat much. Today's food: rice crackers and some kind of chocolate dip. I'm so sick of figuring out meal food. I'm so sick of meals.) She wanted me to go listen to fun music and I said that in all honestly, I don't really want to do that too much any more, it's no longer fun/reminds me of what I'm missing. I try once in a while, but overall I am not feeling it. In general, I am not doing well. Someone was doing something like dropping a plastic cup outside every few minutes in the hallway (?) over and over for hours (whyyyyyyyyy) and it was making me nuts. I read this and was so fucking horrified I can't even start.

Later, I watched "The Muff," a parody of The Moth done on Twitch. It was okay.... had a guy in a hippie outfit as host, the Grim Reaper as the timekeeper/storyteller, three idiot judges (one QAnon, Satan, one guy who's bored and trying to get unemployment) and a few people telling random shit stories including a horny Jewish girl and a MAGA hat. The Grim Reaper wins, as he ever does. Not the best, but okay, I guess.

After that, speaking of music, I watched Sweetest Prom Ever, some kind of 45-minute candy promotional online prom thing. This.... took awhile to get going. While I waited, I read the script for "Dropping Bombs." I'll talk more about that later, probably tomorrow when we have our first meeting, but I'd say the sides did cover most of what goes on with it, though I'm still not sure if I just randomly died off camera at the end or what or it just kind of wandered into dream sequence or what.... Oh well, whatever, not mine to figure out so much :p The character is described as a New Age hippy, so SCORE FOR ME on that! Will have to discuss stuff like hair and what weird shawls I have around the house or something.

Back to the prom thing: I'm amused that the DJ, Steve Aoki, who I guess I"m supposed to have heard of but what do I care, was all "We gonna be dancing ALL NIGHT LONG" and I'm all, I saw it advertised as 45 minutes?You have short nights where you live, I guess? Anyway, music with no words to it (or very few) that sounds kinda like club trance isn't my thing, but I did appreciate the ball-trippy candy-filled backgrounds.

Coleman emailed wanting to rehearse tonight, but somehow she is....stuck in a math meeting on a Saturday night on a 3-day weekend? Even in quarantine that's fucked up, y'all. Very reminding me of L, back in the day.

Jackie called, all mad that her friend Karen wanted A Big Deal made for her birthday and then dissed her homemade cake. Because apparently Karen just wanted large amounts of money spent on her. Ugh, Karen. Jackie, of course, like any sensible person, thinks I should get over Scott because clearly he is over me. Can't argue with that. She said with straight guys it's a good sign if they say anything back at all, but not even a birthday text?.... Gotta agree with that. Even the universe says so.

Now (since I never did hear from Coleman and am now off the phone) I am watching Acme Theatre's free showing of "The Importance of Being Earnest" tonight. They have much better costumes and props than we did, I think. They all look very period and fancy.

And finally, I finished making some presents for Ashley: a tiny dreamcatcher necklace and a bigger dreamcatcher-y hanging piece. This led to the fun ethical dilemma of having to wash them in antibacterial soap, attempting to only handle them with gloves afterwards, realizing that there was no possible way I could figure out if the pieces were dry without physically touching them with my skin (waaaaaaaah), blowing them dry, and the re-applying the stiffening spray again. I wrote out her card explaining what these things were in case it wasn't clear, and also wrote a note to stick to the bag saying that they were washed but you should probably out of paranoia just not touch anything for a few days anyway.

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