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Representing the Tennis Club

2019-05-25, 1:04 p.m.

The final word on the whole professor thing: back to the conversation I was having about it--someone said she liked me and thought I was a good person and it was essentially them more than it was me being bad. She said she thinks it’s my beliefs that thwart me--yeah, true. (But also people being flaky or whatever.)

Anyway...what this boils down to is (a) the lady is super super busy and occupied and regardless of how she feels about me I don’t think she has the time, (b) our lives don’t overlap so she’d have to be making special time for me and I’d have to just keep asking and probably turn into a naggy bitch if I did that too much and then nobody feels good, and (c) as Queen Elsa would say, let it go. Unless there is some kind of drastic life change or synchronicity in which our lives do overlap in the future, it wouldn’t work, I’m just going to end up feeling bad trying, she’s leaving the country for a while anyway, and it’s time to just give up.

This tarot reading really was pretty literal this time: the Queen of Swords (her) in the past, a brief moment of hope (the Star) and having to walk away (8 of Cups).

Let’s hope this is the end of my ever whining about this again. I need to focus on making friendships with people where this might work better instead of wanking on about wanting what won’t work. if I mention this again here, I need to smack myself for my own stupidity.

Good cast party news! (a) Linda is throwing a party next Sunday whether or not people can make it and (b) Mark is working on trying to schedule one during the summer sometime. I can make 3 out of 4 dates, so let’s hope it’s not the one going on during Sierra that wins.

In other news, I went to the Bay Area today to go see Fiddler on the Roof, a play that neither my mom nor I was particularly psyched to see (again--I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at Woodminster at least twice by now) but it was in the season tickets. It’s a good show, albeit a bit depressing and old fashioned and not so much my jam. It also had very simple sets for a “Broadway” show. If Aladdin had ten trucks last month, this show probably used like, half a truck.

The girl playing Chava was a sweet adorable looking nerdgirl who danced the best of all the ladies--the Jennifer of the cast, if you will. Her future husband (if you’ll recall, the one non-Jew in the show that isn’t a bastard) was this super hot tall blonde Swedish-looking guy who looked like a movie star. Don’t you just love it when there’s a hot guy in a play and you can just watch him for two hours without him knowing? And yet I kept thinking stuff like, “Ain’t no way in hell a nerd girl would get a hot blonde dude like that IRL.” I also sorta lose sympathy for Tevye when he disowns her too. Oh well. Well done production except for the so-so sets though. Also, for a show called “Fiddler on the Roof,” they never once show a fiddler actually ON the roof. This is about as lame as the time when I saw “Wizard of Oz” and they had no yellow brick road. Come ONNNNNNNN.

After that, we went to dinner and Mom invited Roger to join us, which was a delight. Previously in the day he’d been teaching pickleball at the club and unfortunately ran into Jan, a high school friend of Mom’s. On the one hand, I can give Mom credit for being friends with anybody, no matter how annoying, or how unpleasant their religious and political beliefs have gotten since high school (she just tries not to discuss those things). Jan, in addition to being one of Mom’s “opinionated” friends, is a diehard Republican and you know what that means now and she has exactly the religious and political beliefs that suck for everyone else. Roger has met Jan and her husband a time or two and apparently after meeting the latter politely told my mother he never wanted to be left alone with the man again. (Amusingly, Roger likes Jan’s previous ex, who was a teacher in my high school and rather a weird duck.) She recognized him before he recognized her and re-introduced herself as my mom’s “girlfriend.”

Roger’s response to this: “I thought of about six different ways of saying, “Oh really? I thought she was MY girlfriend. Or something else that would have made her pass out.” Then he realized that “Roger, you’re representing the tennis club...” and kept his mouth shut.

I’m saving this quote. Next time I want to smartass about something at work, I’m representing the tennis club.

Other smartass lines from Roger this evening:
To me: “You turned out reasonably normal in spite of, not because of...” (your mother)
To Mom while kissing him goodbye in front of me: “Now don’t you stick your tongue in my mouth....”
In general: “Your mother is trouble with a capital T.”
Adorbs, y’all. They are so cute.

After that, Mom and I went shopping (Roger went home) and I hit the bookstore and got five books, one being a book that translates “As You Like It” into regular English. One book on synchronicity, one book on getting over self-sabotage, and two fiction books. Score for me.

Now I am at my mom’s waiting for her to clean off the bed so I can fucking sleep in it (so far this is taking over an’ s midnight), and watching some episode of Monk in which someone with my last name got killed off.

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