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A Low Energy Holiday

2020-05-25, 11:11 p.m.

It's Memorial Day! I slept in till 11:16 when I got some asshole spammy phone call I didn't answer. I laid around in bed till like 12:45, then attempted to walk around the house, then got tired after a half hour and went back to bed, then dragged myself around walking some more, so I at least got 90 minutes in. I still feel tired as fuck and I am so sick of eating and being hungry and trying to figure out what the fuck to eat. I don't want much of anything I have left and I want to hold off on eating "the good stuff" in the freezer until I'm 100% fed up and starving and I'm not quite there yet most days.

I did finish up some project stuff today. I finished the rainbow-and-black cabled vest I've been working on since I got the idea back at Lambtown, finally, so that's blocking now. I also wrote up about how I made Ashley's presents, which was a depressing entry.

I heard from Mauricio--he was going to the dollar store and a social distance visit to friends, which he pointed out was safer than going to his job running echocardiograms.

Mostly I am watching videos on quilling, squirrel obstacle course, and, of course, Pick A Card. Sigh. This one (middle?) had cards come up labeled "Within The Next Few Weeks," "Get More Information" and "The Situation Will Improve." So as far as that reader was concerned, you should wait. Another reader, same damn topic, #3: "I think you've given them the time that they need to work out their stuff." They think it's over, god, I hope so, but who the hell knows.

And then I started watching some SUPER HORRIFYING videos I refuse to link to, but let's just say that things were going fine until the lady starts saying shit like "he started turning into an alien during sex" and "our farts smell the same" and telling poop stories and I was all, what the fuuuuuuuuuuck?!? Also, what the hell are you people ON while having sex?! Like, obviously you're California hippies, but daaaaaaamn, I would not be making videos about that shit for my business, is what I am saying. My YouTube algorithms are sooooo fucked by hippie shit. Why am I watching this? Because I'm insane.

I can't really figure out what to work on next. My portable project was the vest, so that leaves me with making soup bowls for Baby Yodas or going back to the hard cabling project. Okay,I finished the soup bowls. I found a few potential projects. I have a cool ball of yarn to try to put into...something, and I found patterns for a cat and an Aggretsuko.

I had Dropping Bombs rehearsal tonight, but only for about 45 minutes because the director (Beth) was not feeling well. I was pretty low energy too, so we just went over it once. I was amused that Mike the server was dropping in and out of the scene on camera, it was hilarious. We had some discussion as to how one would react to finding out her mother tried to commit suicide when she was five, twice, and how I should be a little more upset facially when dropping a 20-year-bomb. (Mike was told to think about stuff like, why is he so into the key lime pie? Hah.) We'll regroup again on Wednesday. Whenever she sends the email out...I need to write a bio of the character, but am not sure how exactly to handle the suicide aspects of that, so I said we might as well discuss that over email because it's kind of a downer conversation and at least half of us seemed a bit fried today. Mel also seemed ...I dunno, hot? tired? but said she was fine. Beth would like it if we hung out, her and I, and I agree, but I dunno, she doesn't seem into talking....? I think Beth and I are the chatty ones in the group. I feel weird trying to talk to Mel.

Other than that, I continued to be low energy and gave myself bonus points for doing the dishes and sweeping the bedroom today. I watched the Community table read and that was great.

According to the mailing list, the store(s) are now all moved into one giant store in Vacaville. I looked at the pics online, so I saw a few of him from a distance. Looks like they got a few more people besides family members in there to do the moving, I guess. I wonder if that means he's "all clear" to try contacting him again... or if I should even bother....? Looks like they are going back to regular hours now.

Oh lord, just noticed that this thing posted at....11:11. *thumps head against keyboard.*

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