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Where Is My Blue Feather Already?

2009-05-25, 2:51 p.m.

Continued from here.

I was having no luck until last Sunday, when I went to San Francisco and managed to spot playing cards and fairy statues. I also found some kettle corn packs around my mom's house. This left my list of nonmanifested stuff down to the feather and the yarn.

At this point, given the ease of finding shit in San Francisco, I'm starting to wonder if it's all just more of a scavenger hunt than manifesting. After all, how hard is it to find fairy crap if you spot a store called "Fairyland?"

With less than a week to go of the experiment, I decided to draw a few more items. So I have added to the total list:

* Blue feather
* Bead
* Fairy toy
* Playing card
* Skein of storebought yarn
* Rice Krispie Treat
* Picture of a tree
* Front page of the New York Times
* Kettle corn
* Fortune cookie
* Flower

Items Definitely Manifested Within This Time Period, With Photographs As Proof:
* Beads
* Pictures of trees.
* Rice Krispie Treat
* The front page of the New York Times.
* Kettle corn
* Playing card
* Fairy figurine

Items That I Have Had No Sign Of Whatsoever, Pretty Much (see below):
* skein of storebought yarn
* fortune cookie
* flower

Still Questionable:
* blue feather (unless we count seeing lots of blue jays).

The other day, my craft mentor asked, "Hm, why are you doing this again?" I was all, "um, practice, but it's hard to determine what's manifested versus what isn't." She seemed to think I should not have such high standards on that.

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