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Roadkill Week

2011-05-27, 10:22 a.m.

It has been a really messed up week.

Good points:
1. Glee concert.

2. Mom going off with Internet Boyfriend to Disneyland after the concert.

Seriously, this whole thing has just been funny. She borrowed my lingerie (hell, it's not like I'll ever use it again) and was wearing a low cut dress that showed her bra when she left to go meet him. Those are both things that would normally horrify her. I had to give her The Talk, and then pointed out that I am not nearly being the brat that she was on this topic. I took Tuesday morning off from work because you never know how late she's going to leave. She left my house around 9:10 on Tuesday morning, which was an hour later than she "planned" and yet an hour earlier than I was expecting her to leave. 2.5 hours of prepping before she leaves the house is pretty usual for her.

So far, this is what I have heard about her trip:

(a) Last night on the phone she claimed she was going to leave the OC around 8 a.m. this morning. To which I was all, "yeah, right." She called me at 7:30 this morning saying she had left. WHAT? After years and years of perpetual late, that guy got her out the door EARLY?!?!

(b) She has bought very little stuff at Disneyland, mostly gifts for other people. We're shopaholics. This is mindblowing. I know what that means-- the one time in my life I was ever not craving stuff was when I was schmoopy in a relationship. OH MY.

Confusing points:
1. Various ex-friend gatherings this week. I don't know if I would say that was good or bad or what.

Bad points:
1. I had yet another one of those work meetings that gets you all terrified and depressed, but ends in "I have no idea when the layoffs are coming yet." I swear, the more I am "informed," the more I wish they'd just stop talking until the official bad news goes down. Going on for 45 minutes about THE PROCESS without any concrete "We're canning you on July 1" details helps nobody.

2. I am normally not terribly allergy-prone, but I went outside yesterday afternoon and have been INCESSANTLY SNEEZING ever since. I went home after a miserable night working all night, took the good nasal spray, enjoyed having oxygen in my lungs again, and toddled off for a good night's sleep... except I didn't sleep, I was constantly Too Hot Or Too Cold every five seconds, and the numbnuts that lives above me was getting laid between 1-2 a.m. again. (I swear he only gets laid on weeknights, and it's always around that time too. WTF?) Did I mention there's a mandatory picnic today? Awk-ward.

Oh, and 3: remember how I was supposed to still be allowed to work in 2 departments somehow? NOPE! I am specifically NOT ALLOWED TO now because what I do is sooooo important. Um, what?

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