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Mercury Retrograde Dumpings Do Not Work

2008-05-28, 7:57 p.m.

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Being a student of astrology, one of the things I thought during this weekend was, "If you break up with someone during Mercury retrograde, does it take?"

The answer to this, as it turns out, is "Apparently not."

Yup, Mom and M are back together again like nothing ever happened. Clearly, neither of them gets the concept of Dead To Me worth a DAMN. She e-mailed him a forward, he wrote her back, then called her, and was magically over the whole damn thing.

Pat is SO going to kill Mom when she finds this out.

I can't stop rolling my eyes, and thinking that my shrink will be amused when she gets back from vacation...

In other news, a trip to Disney World and Cirque de Soleil is now booked for September. I wonder if we're going to have three going on the trip now :P

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